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Author Topic: Q  (Read 371 times)

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« on: April 09, 2012, 10:18:18 am »

Reference on SL: 紅蓮の キュウ

Name: Q

Alias: Guren no Q

Age: Classified

Gender: Male

Village: 赤隠れの里 (Sekigakure no Sato)

Rank: 紅影 (Benikage)


Genin - Chuunin

Jounin - Kage

Personality: N/A

Family: N/A

History: Q was a promising student during his academy years, graduating at a very young age. He was recruited into ANBU after graduation, but was dismissed soon after with all his records wiped from existence. He became a spy who specializes in infiltration, obtaining information, and sabotage. The only thing that Q earned from his work is a large bounty on his head placed by multiple countries and organizations. He was exiled from his village in fear that it might bring war upon the village. Q disappears silently after being exiled...

Throughout decade, there were rumors of bounty hunters claiming the bounty on his head, hunter-nins tracked and killed him, even rumors about him being caught by the members of a certain criminal organization and is current suffering from something worse than death. Q however, resurface into the ninja world as the Kage of Sekigakure no Sato, a newly form ninja village that is said to be a moving island located in the oceans of the Water Country. Because of the sure number of enemies which he has, Q is always guarded by a girl named Benihime wherever he goes.

Philosophy: N/A

Weapon(s) and Tools:

Needle Smoke Bomb - A smoke bomb with needles hidden within it.

Tiger Pill - A special pill which greatly enhances Q's physical strength and reflexes as well as heightens his 5 senses, making them 100 times greater than normal. The effects of the pill however, will only last for 5 minutes. Once the 5 minutes are up, the side effects of the pill will begin to kick in. The side effects includes; muscles pain, blurry sight, lost of hearing, breathing difficulties, and unstoppable bleeding, which last up to an hour. It is however, possible to slowly build up resistance, or shorten the duration of the side effects through frequent usage.

Guren no Yoroi - An armor that was forged with Q's blood and imbedded with his chakra. Unlike regular armor, the Guren's strength reacts to Q's will.

Onimusha - A suit of armor that is quite similar to the Guren, except that it covers the entire body and is simply too heavy to be worn in battle. This suit of armor however, comes to life when Q performs the Blood Binding Technique on it. It has immeasurable strength and is immortal as long as the blood seal on it remains intact.

Bloodline Limit: N/A

Special Talent(s):
  • Taijutsu.
  • Crafting, sewing, and forging.
  • Weapon and tool handling.
  • Setting traps

Primary Element: Lightning

Secondary Element: N/A


Q's signature Kawarimi - Instead of replacing himself with a piece of log, Q uses a wooden dummy that is create in his image as a replacement.

Raiton Bunshin - When the Bunshin goes "puff", it unleashes an electrical explosion close to that of a lightning strike. Q can also use his Bunshin to summon a bolt of lightning by having it cling onto the enemy during a thunder storm.

Humming Bird - Q's fists vibrate at a high frequency, making his punches powerful enough to break through steel and bones upon contact. The name of his self-developed Jutsu comes from the humming sound that his fists make when they are vibrating.

Raichou – or Thunderbird is a powerful Jutsu born by combining Q’s Humming Bird with lightning chakra. The vibration of Q’s fists becomes so great that they make anything within a 3 meter radius tremble violently.

Raikiri Senpuu - Imagine performing Raikiri/Chidori with your feet. The spinning kicks are delivered at such a speed that Q become disoriented, making his kicks inaccurate. His accuracy however, is improved greatly after taking the Tiger Pill.

Genjutsu - Q knows some basic Genjutsu of tricking the eyes of his opponent.

Kirigakure no Jutsu – Q usually use this Jutsu to blind his opponent for a moment to set his traps.

Hundred Blade Manipulation Technique - Q links each of his finger multiple blades with a thin chakra string, allowing him to attack his opponent from a distant with those blades. The technique however, cannot perform maneuver that requires a high level of precision. The more blades Q tries to control, the faster he is drained of his chakra.

Hoshi Tensei – or Star Rebirth, is a powerful Ninjutsu which combines lightning and fire, to create a ball of light that explodes upon impact. It is said that the flash of the explosion alone is enough to permanently blind anyone who witness the explosion within a hundred meters.

Guren Heki – Q summons gigantic plates of armor from underneath the ground to shield him from harm. The crimson armor plates are arranged in the fashion of a Samurai’s shoulder armor and stand as tall as Q. Like the Guren that he is wearing, Q can regenerate the shield by channeling his chakra into the plates through touch.

Daiguren Heki – Similar to Guren Heki, Q summons gigantic plates of armor from underneath the ground to form a towering walls that are capable of shielding an entire village from harm. But due to its magnitude, Q does not possesses enough chakra to continuously regenerate the walls like he did with Guren Heki.

Ketsu Shibari no Jutsu - Also known as the Blood Binding Technique, is a lost Ninjutsu which allows the user to take control over a subject by drawing a blood seal on them. This technique can be used on humans, animals, corpses, and even inanimate objects like a suit of armor.


Earth Dragon Fangs - Q plants special homemade spikes into the ground while the opponent is distracted and then pulls the invisible wires attached to the spikes when the opponent is directly on top of them to launch them at the opponent from below. The spikes usually impale the victim's feet and legs, immobilizing them.

Summonings: 蟲口寄せ (Mushi Summoning)

Ro - A mushi that takes the form of a scroll.

Ōuji - A huge mushi takes the form of a scaleless snake with no eyes or fangs. It has but a large opening at the front of its head which acts like a mouth. It's a timid but man-eating mushi that can swallow a man whole in a matter of seconds.


Left Palm, "器" - Q sealed a hundreds of blades which he has forged, shooting them at his opponent when the situation calls for it. Q usually keeps the seal covered up with a glove to prevent any misfire.

Right Palm, - Current unknown.

Mission Completed: N/A
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« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2012, 03:56:29 am »

Sparring Records:

Q VS Sannin Kevin
Date: 10 April 2012
Location: Plains (Zone 6)
Result: Surrender

Q VS Sannin Kevin
Date: 15 April 2012
Location: Empty Town (Zone 9)
Result: Surrender

Q VS Sannin Kevin
Date: 22 April 2012
Location: Iceland (Zone 7)
Result: Draw

Q VS Benihime
Date: 11 June 2012
Location: Sekigakure/Training Grounds
Result: Win by KO
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