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1  Information / Summoning Contracts / Contract List on: June 16, 2012, 11:17:42 pm
Chameleon Summoning (holder: Akira Hozuki)
Fox Summoning (holder: Gyururu)
Mushi Summoning (holder: Q)
2  Help / Summoning Claims / Re: Chameleons on: June 16, 2012, 11:13:53 pm
Contract listed.
3  Information / Summoning Contracts / Chameleon Summoning on: June 16, 2012, 11:12:46 pm
Name of Summoning Contract: Chameleon Summoning
Creature: Chameleons
List of Summoners:
Akira Hozuki (Holder)

Basic Abilities
These Chameleons have the ability to shapeshift. Allowing them to alter their own: shape, size, color, texture, material, density, transparency, etc. to essentially become anything they choose and to become invisible. Also they're scaly skin has small hooks that allow them to cling to other objects. Chameleons have the most distinctive eyes of any reptile. The upper and lower eyelids are joined, with only a pinhole large enough for the pupil to see through. They can rotate and focus separately to observe two different objects simultaneously, this lets their eyes move independently from each other. This gives them a full 360-degree arc of vision around their body. When prey is located, both eyes can be focused in the same direction, giving sharp stereoscopic vision and depth perception. Chameleons have very good eyesight for reptiles, letting them see small insects from a long (510 m) distance. Like snakes, chameleons do not have an outer or a middle ear, so there is neither an ear opening nor an eardrum. However, chameleons are not deaf: they can detect sound frequencies in the range 200600 Hz. Chameleons have very long tongues (sometimes longer than their own body length) which they are capable of rapidly extending out of the mouth. The tongue extends out faster than human eyes can follow, at around 26 body lengths per second. The tongue hits the prey in about 30 thousandths of a second. The tongue of the chameleon is a complex arrangement of bone, muscle and sinew. At the base of the tongue there is a bone and this is shot forward giving the tongue the initial momentum it needs to reach the prey quickly. At the tip of the elastic tongue there is a muscular, club-like structure covered in thick mucus that forms a suction cup. Once the tip sticks to a prey item, the target is affected by a juinjutsu seal that is on the chameleons tongue. This seal can imprint itself onto the target upon contact and completely immobilizes the target and seal the target's chakra. Chameleons can also see in both visible and Ultraviolet light.

Normal Chameleons
These Chameleons are grey in color and are mainly used to transform into other obects.

Ninja Chameleons
These Chameleons come in 5 different colors. they stand on 2 legs and carry a single katana. They are capable of performing ninjutsu of a specific element depending on their color.
Red = Fire

Blue = Water

Yellow = Lightning

Green = Wind

Brown = Earth

Mirage Chameleons
These white Chameleons are able to spew steam from the 4 horn-like protrusions on their heads. This steam quickly melds with the air in the area for a good distance and infuses it with their chakra. Allowing this technique to function in a similar manner to the Hiding in The Mist technique, except it doesn't restrict normal sight and only blinds the Sharingan, Rinnegan, and basic chakra sensing. Also unlike the Hiding in The Mist Technique this technique allows the creation of advanced mirages that can fool 4/5 of the opponent's senses (everything except the sense of touch) as long as the chameleons continue to exude this mirage creating steam.

Summoning Contract
Akira keeps this summoning contract in an undisclosed location.

The Mirage Chameleon's ability is based around the Nidaime Mizukage's summon. Which created a large clam that could perform a technique called the "Mirage Genjutsu" that functions similarly.
4  Villages / Beni-jima / Re: Rumors of the Red Island...(Info/Description) on: June 11, 2012, 10:07:09 pm
Locations within Beni-jima:

  • The Surrounding Woods - A maze-like forest with no sign of life anywhere. Whenever Benihime is on guard duty, she would unleash her Blood Mist into the surrounding forest. Anyone who breathe in the red mist is sure to die by her hands.
  • Sekigakure (outer walls) - Sekigakure is built more like a fort than a village. Aside from its thick impenetrable walls, the village is also guarded by the Onimusha, immortal warriors of immeasurable strength that never rest or eat.
5  Villages / Sekigakure / Re: Training Grounds (Q VS Benihime) on: June 11, 2012, 05:57:55 am
Q smiles as he answers her question, "It didn't, I did. The Gurenmusha and I are connected, but i should really think of a better name for it." He then walks off with Benihime still in his arms.

6  Villages / Sekigakure / Re: Training Grounds (Q VS Benihime) on: June 11, 2012, 05:26:37 am
Q immediately forms a hand seal to stop the Gurenmusha's movements. He then walks towards the unconscious little girl and holds her in his arms. "Hey, are you okay?" Q asks while rubbing her cheek gently.
7  Villages / Sekigakure / Re: Training Grounds (Q VS Benihime) on: June 11, 2012, 05:16:51 am
The moment Benihime leaped into the air, the Gurrenmusha immediately reaches for her with its right hand. It extended its reach by disconnect its arm at the shoulder and elbow, easily reaching her leg before she could complete her task of forming thousands of tiny needles with her blood. It then attempts to grab onto her ankle so that it could slam her down on the ground HARD.

Note: The Gurenmusha's arm appears to be connected by an uncountable number of chakra strings that originate from within the main body itself.
8  Villages / Sekigakure / Re: Training Grounds (Q VS Benihime) on: June 11, 2012, 04:50:59 am
Q quickly backs off when he saw the in-coming mist, leaving the Gurenmusha to be swallowed up by the deadly menace. He grins as he continue to distant himself from the mist. Moments later, the Gurenmusha suddenly leaps out from the mist and charges towards Benihime from her left with a bone-breaking tackle. Due to the weight of its armor, the momentum of his tackle is nigh unstoppable.
9  Villages / Sekigakure / Re: Training Grounds (Q VS Benihime) on: June 11, 2012, 01:42:11 am
The blast slices through Q and his armor as if he was nothing more than a very thick bark. But as his body hits the ground, it turns into a wooden dummy that has been sliced across its waist. Clearly Benihime has been tricked. Reappearing a good 10 to 20 meters away from her, Q summons what appears to be an empty suit of armor.

"I guess I've no choice but to use the Gurrenmusha." Q mutters before biting the tip of his index finger. He then draws a seal on the back of the armored figure and forms a string of hand seals. "Ketsu Shibari no Jutsu!" Q exclaims as the suit of armor is brought to life.
10  Villages / Sekigakure / Re: Training Grounds (Q VS Benihime) on: June 10, 2012, 11:05:43 pm
Being so close to the decoy when it exploded into a huge burst of blood, there was no way to avoid the trap. The clones stumbles and falls onto the ground as they try to get the blood out of their eyes and mouths.

"That's a bit cruel don't you think?" Q grumbles as he releases his lightning clones, causing them to disappears into a puff of smoke without discharging. Q focus his attention to his surrounds as the wall which he summoned earlier begins to sink back into the ground. There was little he could do now that he has lost track of Benihime.
11  Villages / Sekigakure / Re: Training Grounds (Q VS Benihime) on: June 10, 2012, 11:37:39 am
Clapping his hands together, Q yells out the words "Guren Heki!" which summons gigantic plates of armor from underneath the ground in front of him. Although he has faith in the strength of his armored wall, Q leaps back to maintain a 5 to 10 meters distant between him and Benihime. As he was leaping backwards, Q creates 2 lightning clones which immediately charge at Benihime from both ends of the armored wall with his Thunderbird Technique. This powerful technique which combines a fist vibrating at high frequency with lightning chakra could easily tear right through anything other than the Guren.
12  Villages / Sekigakure / Re: Training Grounds (Q VS Benihime) on: June 10, 2012, 11:12:56 am
"Hmmm...I guess you know my techniques just as well as I do yours." Q mutters as he gives up on pulling his blades back with his Hundred Blade Manipulation Technique. Instead, he summons a single blade from the seal on his left palm and aims a flesh-piercing throw at Benihime's right arm, hoping to disable one of her arms to slow her down a little.
13  Villages / Sekigakure / Re: Training Grounds (Q VS Benihime) on: June 10, 2012, 10:45:31 am
"I guess we will just have to do a little sparring to find out." Q said as he turns around and leaps back a good 15 to 20 meters away from Benihime. Knowing full well how lethal Benihime's Kekkei Genkai can be, Q has no intention of pulling any punches. Removing his left glove, Q points his left hand at the girl and unleashes a barrage of blades at her.
14  Villages / Sekigakure / Re: Training Grounds (Q VS Benihime) on: June 10, 2012, 10:31:36 am
"How is your body, Benihime? Have you gotten used to it yet?" Q asked as he stops in the center of the field.
15  Villages / Sekigakure / Training Grounds (Q VS Benihime) on: June 10, 2012, 10:23:50 am
Q makes his way towards the center of the Training Grounds. With every few steps, he could hear a crushing sound underneath his feet as the combined weight of both him and his crimson armor crushes the tiny rocks that happen to be in his path.
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