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 on: December 19, 2014, 12:15:28 pm 
Started by Eric - Last post by Eric
It has been a very long time since I've come to this notebook. But the Naruto series has, canonically anyways, ended (it's been over for a week and some change now if not more) and there are still so many questions.

What is Yin and Yang?

First, it is important to differentiate between Yin, Yang, spiritual energy, and physical energy, and to understand what nature transformation is.

Physical energy and spiritual energy are the basis for ALL chakra. Nature transformation, according to the latest canon, is not across the board related to the balance of physical and spiritual energies. In fact, only Yin release and Yang release are dependent upon the ratio of spiritual energy and physical energy. That means that nature transformation is purely a transformation done after the chakra, the spiritual energy and the physical energy, is brought together.

With this understanding in mind, Yin Release is when a disproportionate amount of spiritual energy is used. Governing imagination and the spiritual, and the creation of form, it makes sense then that Yin has the ability to create form changing techniques such as shadow imitation alongside mind altering techniques such as genjutsu and the Yamanaka mind transfer ability.

Yang on the other hand governs vitality and the body, so techniques that turn calories into muscle and/or chakra and most medical techniques would understandably fall under this category. This means that the "non-elemental" techniques are in fact elemental; they are either Yin, or they are Yang, or Yin-Yang in nature. This means that Ying would theoretically be the counter to Yang, and vice versa. At the same time, when they are combined, they create a KG-like release that perfectly compliments both chakras (not energies, chakras).

But what is Yin-Yang then? While it may seem like the basis of all chakra molding, it is not quite the basis. Yin-Yang is the combination of Yin release and Yang release, much like how Mokuton is the combination of Suiton and Doton. If Yang chakra is predominately physical energy combined with already formed chakra, and Yin chakra predominately spiritual energy combined with already formed chakra, then balancing these two perfectly would only be a matter of bringing them together like a lock and key right?

Well, maybe, except how to balance Yin and how to balance Yang varies between usage. Shadow imitation clearly has more physical energy in it than the ordinary genjutsu. The secrets of this balance is the same as the secret to balancing Mokuton and Doton, or Raiton and Doton, and explains why Yin and Yang techniques are generally the "secret" techniques. The Iwagakure kinjutsu with the mouth hands is probably a Yang release of some sort, but goodness, imagine the imagination that went into creating a mouth! Or not, since humans naturally have mouths.

So Yin-Yang release is even more difficult because its actual ratio ALSO VARIES between usage. Techniques that could create the tailed beasts would likely have a different ratio than those used to turn reality into illusion.

So, in conclusion, Yin: Mind over matter. Yang: Matter over mind. Yin-Yang: Body and Mind over reality.

 on: June 02, 2014, 09:56:22 pm 
Started by Eric - Last post by Eric

Sage Mode and Inner Beast Spirit Transformation

Gijū:Chiku Henge; Imitation Beast Ninja Art: Animal Transformation Affectionately referred to as the Inner Spirit Beast Imitation Transformation, this jutsu is a special yang release that utilizes the power of physical energy and an "inner beast spirit" in order to transform the body into an alternate form. Eric transforms into a wind dragon which, when fully transformed, as the following physical attributes:

**** His skin takes on a dark shade of forest camouflage green and becomes layered in protective scales, his nails lengthen to talon-like claws, and wings sprout from his back, spanning roughly 7.2 feet when outstretched. These wings are leathery, much like his dragon companion Rita's. A general increase in muscle mass visibly increases Eric's bulkiness, granting a considerable boost to his usually quite average physical strength. His eyes become turn vertically slit, his face and neck grew longer, more like a snout and more serpentine respectively. His hair, interestingly enough, remains on his head, but is even spikier than it had once been; his ears seemed to elongate and become part of his head, and his teeth become more like razors. Eric's chakra signature also changes, to the point where anyone not familiar with Eric being in this form would not recognize his chakra signature.  *****

Along with enhanced base senses (sight, touch, hearing, taste, and touch) Eric also becomes able to naturally breathe fire and utilize the sticky spit series of techniques without handsigns. For all practical purposes, Eric utilizes the physical energy in his physical seal first before drawing from his at the present reserves, although the drain on his physical energy is reduced when he combines this form with sage mode.

Sage mode: Eric has perfected balancing natural energy with his spiritual and physical energies, allowing him the option to enter sage mode without the physical enhancements if he so chooses. The area around his eyes gains a light green shade, his eyes become vertical slits, and he gains special brille that he may use to conceal his eyes from dojutsu whenever applied. He gains another sixth sense, able to sense chakra as if he were a natural chakra sensor. His 5 base senses are increased, his strength, speed, and dexterity are increased, and all of Eric's jutsu increase in strength and durability.

Sage Mode + Inner Beast Spirit Transformation: When Eric combined the two, he enters an enhanced state that allows him to utilize the perks of both forms. Interestingly, the general increases (senses, strength, etc.) are not additive, and are the same as if he was in his dragon form. The other unique traits of each form do both appear, and Eric has the ability to manifest a form shaped cloak of senjutsu chakra around him that can further enhanced his durability and quickly be converted into a dragon ball if need be.

Senpō: Ryūdama no jutsu- Sage Art: Dragon Ball Technique- Similar in function to the tailed beast ball, the user compresses an incredible amount of chakra into a small space, compressing the chakra to the point in which it becomes a highly dense ball of chakra. The user then consumes the ball, either adding elemental chakra or shaping the ball. Finally, the user either expels the ball to explode or expels a powerful beam, the power of each dependent on the chakra used, the ability of the user, and the creation time. The greater of each component previously listed, the greater the power, with the minimum damage being that of a regular explosive tag. Since the user is not immune to the technique, the advisable range of usage increases as well as the power level.

Ryūgen: Ryūen Dragon Illusion- Dragon Release Song– The user expels senjutsu chakra into the form of a powerful roar, which sends waves of sound at an opponent. Rather than affecting the opponent through their ears, like an ordinary sound genjutsu, the technique goes through the victim’s body, sending the chakra as the wave vibrates through the victim. Once captured in the genjutsu, then the victim is trapped in a genjutsu world of constant shaking, completely disorienting their perception and sense of balance.

Ryūgen: Eien Yami Izanai- Dragon Illusion: Eternal darkness Invitation – Eric expels senjutsu chakra in a violent roar that completely shakes the opponent’s core. When the victim hears the roar, then they fall into a death-like state that is so similar to real death, their allies will think them dead, even if they possess sensory abilities and dojutsu, if they themselves still stand, and if unbroken within three days, the victim may fall into a coma. The only way to determine the usage of the genjutsu is to assess the damage (or lack thereof) done to the victim and determine that a genjutsu is likely the cause of their blacking out.

Senpō: Ōmeisaigakure no Jutsu- Sage Art: Great Chameleon Technique- The user uses senjutsu to literally change their appearance so that they blend into the environment. While the technique is active, the changes to the camouflage are passive. This technique cannot be seen through by dojutsu or any non-touch based sensory methods. This requires chakra to maintain.

Senpō: Shōkaryū no Mai- Sage Art: Dance of the Rising Fire Dragon- The user expels a senjutsu enhanced, dragon shaped stream of fire. The user can bend and move the stream’s head to their will, making the shape of a ‘dancing’ fire dragon as they maneuver to catch their opponent in the deadly stream of fire. The farther it gets from the source, however, the more chakra it takes to maintain with its same intensity, so the technique is primarily a close range attack. 

Senpō: Ryūmei Tensei- Sage Art: Dragon Life Reincarnation-  Upon releasing the physical energy stored in the physical energy seal and combining it with natural energy, the user produces a powerful life giving force that, along with reviving the intended target, also heals any injuries sustained that would have killed the target.

This technique is not lethal under the circumstances of: Healing (even severe injuries), revival of those with a full body intact (may restore reincarnated shinobi who were brought back via sacrifice to life without killing the user).

Senpō: Kagemuki Tensei; Sage Art:  Shadow Inorganic Reincarnation - By manipulating the natural energy around him and using some of his life force, Eric is capable of manipulating shadows that would normally be out of reach and temporarily grant them life, manipulating them solely with his will afterwards. The movements of these shadows can be quite swift, faster even than the sharingan can keep up with, and may strike from many directions. Extreme heat will readily denature the technique, and the shadows are vulnerable to strong Raiton attacks.

 Senpō: Kage–Chakurashibari no Jutsu; Sage Art: Shadow Chakra Bind Technique - This technique has a dual purpose. This allows the user to bind and suppress chakra. Additionally, the user may absorb chakra through this technique. The user must completely cover the object in question in order to suppress its chakra, but it can absorb chakra even from partial contact.

Senpō: Shintaishutsu; Sage Art: Physical Energy Extraction Technique - First, the user must trap the target in a circular barrier. The barrier is not very dense and is transparent, so it is generally necessary to first restrain the quarry to prevent movement outside of the barrier.

Next, the user must have a physical energy seal, or some other method in which to seal/use the extracted life force. Finally, the user performs a set of handsigns and initiates the actual technique.

Anything within the confines of the barrier is stripped of its life force completely; this not only kills the victim, but permits the usage of techniques of certain revival techniques (such as dragon life reincarnation and one's own life reincarnation) with this stripped energy without causing the death of the user. Once stripped, the energy may be stored or used at the discretion of the user. Those caught within the technique die upon the 2nd turn of being trapped after the activation of the technique, regardless of the amounts of physical energy that they possess.

Senpō:: Kage no Hoshoku ; Sage Art Shadow Predation - By connecting shadows with another shadow imitation user, Eric is capable of stripping the target's control of their shadow and absorb it into his own, effectively "consuming" his quarry's shadow. This permanently binds the twos shadows, and prevents the target from using their shadow. If Eric is severely weakened, then victims may control the conjoined shadow. Once consumed, the shadow effectively doubles the range of the user's shadow imitation and increases the speed of execution.

Senpō: Shin bunshin no jutsu- Sage Art: True Clone Technique- Using senjutsu, the user takes a viable sample of their DNA and literally recreates it. This allows them to create a real clone of themselves, with the same abilities, body structure, and even personality. The chakra level, however, starts at one for the clone, meaning that the clone will have to naturally attain its chakra levels. Depending on the skill of the user, the clone can even be bestowed with all of the knowledge of the user to accompany the already imbued capability to use the knowledge. In addition to fuinjutsu, this can also be used as a ‘backup’ body, though sealing the soul within is a different matter. This technique requires a great amount of chakra control and knowledge of the person intended on being cloned.

 on: December 27, 2013, 03:33:32 am 
Started by Eric - Last post by Eric

All of Me (by: Crush 40) in "Shadow the Hedgehog"

 on: July 24, 2013, 12:46:15 pm 
Started by Eric - Last post by Eric
Fūton: Suiran Reppū; Wind Release: Verdant Mountain Gale Fūton: Suiran Reppū; Wind Release: Verdant Mountain Gale

 on: June 03, 2013, 02:56:18 am 
Started by Xiarawst - Last post by Purple

 on: May 26, 2013, 06:51:52 pm 
Started by Eric - Last post by Eric
Kekkei genkai;
Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan

Hijitsu/Hidden; Nara Clan Shadow techs

Elemental affinities;
Katon (Mastered)
Futon (Mastered)
Doton ((Mastered) Mastered also due to Sharingan)

More proficient; Chakra control.

Implant; Senju DNA. Uncontrollable, may outburst at times.

Juinjutsu user
Kinjutsu; Gedō Seal

Jutsus used without handsigns; Tatsuno Ooshigoto, Renkuudan, Yomi Numa.

A base for new guidlines that may have some chars altered. I doubt I'll have to worry about it, but I'll note it here for now.

 on: April 16, 2013, 09:08:16 pm 
Started by Hirosiamu - Last post by Eric
If you mean alive, as in still be used, then technically yes. If you mean alive as in being used for RP, officially, no.

 on: April 13, 2013, 11:40:30 am 
Started by Hirosiamu - Last post by Hirosiamu
I'm just curious. How is SLS doing? Is it alive?

 on: February 01, 2013, 11:47:24 pm 
Started by Eric - Last post by Eric
     Pyro is a large crimson red dragon with a muscular physique.  About 20 feet long from nose to tip, Pyro possesses a wingspan of 22 feet. Oddly enough, the dragon seems to possess the scorch release, and seems to excel at crushing direct blows and powerful gusts generated from his mouth. Met at the Sand Oasis,
Eric and Pyro have a relatively new relationship, though they already have come to at least recognize each other’s strengths.

Pyro’s strengths primarily utilize his incredible strength and dexterity. Pracitcally immune to ordinary fire, and resistant to higher levels of fire, the hard scaled dragon would at first seem rather impregnable. However, he can’t swim, and his flight speed doesn’t get quite as high as Rita’s. Despite this, Pyro has a dominating presence on the battlefield, easily able to scare away foes with weaker constitutions. He has not yet been seen to back down from a fight, and his own determination often times results in him continuing a fight when it is officially declared over.

Other than scorch release, Pyro has a limited arsenal of ninjutsu, primarily focusing on his raw strength and power. As a result, while not as versatile as Rita, Pyro is much more useful when needed to deal with powerful summons and opponents in terms of strength and dexterity. He is vulrenable to genjutsu, however, as a mostly wild dragon, he has been for the most part unexposed to the illusionary hypnotic arts, and is less useful when faced against skilled genjutsu users. However, this weakness is rarely evident at the start of the match.

Special Techniques:

Shakuton: Kajōsatsu – Scorch Release: Extremely Steaming Murder- The user produces flaming orbs resembling miniature suns. The orbs are so hot, that upon touching an enemy, they can leave the victim in a mummified state by evaporating all of the water in their body. As a result, this technique can effectively counter appropriate quantities of water style techniques, although at the same time the technique can be extinguished with significant amounts of water or an appropriate amount of water-wind combinations.

Shakuton: Gōkajōsatsu- Scorch Release: Great Extremely Steaming Murder- The user combines many flaming orbs of scorch release to create an incredibly large one. When this ball bursts, it can scorch an entire area, evaporating the water from an incredibly large area. This technique is useful for taking out a multitude of enemies at a time, and countering larger scale water techniques.

Shakuton: Hōsenka – Scorch Release: Phoenix Sage Fire- The user compresses their scorch release chakra, then expels it as a series of smaller fireballs, each with the ability to produce third degree burns. While being hit by one doesn’t mean death, the sheer quantity can make it difficult to escape a volley unscathed.

Shakuton: Sabaku Kaenjin - Scorch Release: Desert Flame Battle Encampment- The user first generates four pillars made of scorch release fireballs. They then expand the four pillars to a desired distance, link them, and creates a quadrilateral or cylindrical based barrier made entirely of Scorch release fire. Anything that attempts to go into or out of the barrier is scorched to a mummified state, potentially to the point of leaving hardly ashes of items lacking water, particularly explosive tags, scrolls, and the like, and ashes to items containing water, such as living things. The size of the barrier determines the amount of chakra initially required, and to maintain requires chakra. As a result, this technique is better done in pairs.

Shakuton: Sabaku Kyū- Scorch Release: Desert Coffin- The user exudes their scorch release chakra throughout the area, slowly evaporating the water of the surrounding terrain. While not strong enough to kill an opponent in the short term, if the technique is used in the long term, it can kill if the opponent is not hydrated. As it also saps water moisture in the air, this technique can create a temporary desert-like terrain, removing plant-based cover and preventing easy usage of water style techniques. After usage, however, the evaporated water moisture creates an opportunity for rain, though continued use of the technique can delay the rainfall.

Shakuton kage bunshin- Scorch Release shadow clone- The user creates a clone made entirely of their scorch release chakra. As a shadow clone, it can perform techniques, particularly ones related to scorch release. As it can be given almost any proportion of the user’s chakra, it has a highly diverse amount of uses. When dispersed, it returns to its scorch release form, causing extreme heat to any dissipating force.

Shakuton: Shakumei no jutsu- Scorch Release: Scorch Life Technique- The user flows scorch release through their body until they reach stable temperatures. This is primarily a supplementary technique used to counter very cold conditions. This can also be used on others, but requires more precision to avoid evaporating all of the water from their body.

Shakuton Yoroi- Scorch Release Armour- The user channels scorch release chakra through their body. This is a pre-emptive measure used to counter direct attackers, in which upon being touched, the user immediately releases the scorch release chakra in an attempt to expel the threat, whether it be to kill them or potentially even melt the target. It requires very little chakra to maintain, but a varied amount depending on the threats encountered. This technique can be used in water.

Shakuton: Shakudan- Scorch Release: Scorch Bullet- As the name implies, the user releases a swift bullet of scorch release chakra; usually in the form of a fireball, that, upon hitting a target, causes burns ranging from complete mummification to third degree burns.

Shakuton: Haiseki- Scorch Release: Ash Pile- The user channels scorch release chakra into an object of their choice (kunai or scroll) or parts of their body (such as hands or feet). Upon the user’s given discretion (more discretion when not channeled into an object) the chakra is released, potentially reducing opponents to ash. This is considered a more advanced scorch release technique, as it requires greater chakra control and knowledge of how much chakra is needed to reduce an object to the desired effects.

Shakuton: Hikaridama- Scorch Release: Light Ball- The user creates a large ball of scorch release fire, which generates a large source of near blinding light. This is typically used as either a distraction or as a signal, particularly for allies.

Katon: Gōka Mekkyaku - Fire Release: Great Fire Annihilation- Chakra is kneaded within the body, then expelled in a massive wall of flames, covering a large area. The range of the technique makes it very difficult to avoid, the quantity making it even harder to counter, requiring multiple water release users to extinguish it, unless the water release techniques in questions are of a great magnitude and caliber.

Fūjin Chakka no Jutsu-  Dust Cloud Ignition Technique - One user uses a fire technique while another user uses a wind technique. Used in unison, the two techniques amplify the power of each other, the wind technique increasing the durability and range of the fire technique while the fire technique adds flame attribute to the wind technique. The order of the techniques merging are not important.

 on: December 09, 2012, 09:37:50 pm 
Started by Hirosiamu - Last post by MitchLucas

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