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Koji Musaki

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« on: June 27, 2011, 03:00:01 am »

Basic information

Name: Koji Musaki

Alias: Koji

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Village: Konohagakue


Appearance: Mid-length tinted black hair with sky blue eyes; a gold ring around color. Mostly always seen wearing a Akatsuki hooded cloak with a ripped  training black tank top underneath. Upon his left hand’s ring finger he wears a gold ring that has the words “Love, Hanna” engraved upon the metal. His right hand’s index and ring finger both have a blue and gray cloth ring upon them. On his legs he wears black light cargo pants and along his belt is his ninja pouch, two daggers, and his chakra staff, Quinsaki.

Personality: An old shinobi who is kind and calm set. Speaks like he understands along with being helpful. Will listen to any discussion made. Cares little for fighting others. Dislikes to see his friends fighting or being fought. Koji is caring the most to his friends.

Family: Zaion- Father, Rian- Younger Brother

History: Long ago in the third great ninja war, a battle in small village was forming. A clan called Ruzaki were attacking the small village. The ninja within the village were only in numbers of few that was based on squads. A leader of one squads was named Koji. He was a former Akatsuki member and was considered a very good fighter. His squad had taken him to the heart of the battle but while doing this he lost his medic. Still moving through the battle, he saw everyone he cared about fall to the enemy but he was intent on finding the leader of the attacking clan. Sure enough he found the leader but suddenly he and his squad was surrounded by multiple enemy troops. His squad departed to kill the foes while he leaped at the leader head on. The battle took many hours leaving Koji in the end cut up and bruised. Yet he was able to defeat the enemy. After the battle, the village laid in ruins and ninja were dead including Koji's squad. The only ninja that lived that attack was Koji bearing the scars of the ambush. Near the end of the Third Great Ninja war, Koji vanished from the land only too return in later years. Koji lived in the village of Sound for a time. Within that time he served as an ANBU for a year. As his age increased, he became tired of being an ANBU and left. Then he departed from Otogakure to stand at the great gates of Konohagakure. He now lives in Konohagakure for mostly training. Over the life of living in Konohagakure he met many people but could only trust few.

Faction: Konohagakure no Sato (clan), Otogakure ANBU (organization),
Akatsuki (organization).

Philosophy: “The world won’t last forever so get out there and explore.”

Skills & Abilities

Weapon(s): Most of his weapons are along his belt that supports his pants. The first weapon is his chakra staff, Quinsaki, which drains his opponents chakra slowly and gives him the fraction of the chakra drained. Two daggers hang along each side of his belt, Ruzuku. Other weapons are his ninja tools within a pouch that is on his belt.

Battle Style: Uses his kunai more than his other weapons. Will use multiple styles of Ninjustu, sticks with Suiton and Katon.

Special Talent(s): Fuuton Style: Rasengan, Master of Suiton and Katon ninjustu.

Primary Element: Suiton

Secondary Element: Katon

Techniques: Suiton and Katon. Will only use Rasengan if he has to.

Seals: None

Summonings: Hawks

Mission Completed: Classified
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