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Jestar "Holrew" Nara

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Author Topic: Jestar "Holrew" Nara  (Read 880 times)
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« on: May 14, 2011, 01:25:48 pm »

Basic information

Name: Jestar "Hyuga" Nara

Alias: Sholrew

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Village: Konohagakure


Appearance: Usually can be found wearing relatively lightweight black armor on his person. Strapped to his back is the Blade of Thunder, and his head is sometimes covered at times. However, casual attire includes a T-shirt and green pants underneath a dark green cloak with a vine pattern on the bottom rim. His leaf headband at this times can be either square on his forehead or tilted to the side, depending on the situation. Around six feet in height, although not beefy muscular, Jestar does have some strength packed behind him, as he is a skilled swordsman used to parrying blows. Possesses black hair and milky white eyes.color]

Personality: Funloving, yet serious when needed to be, Jestar usually has a relaxed, attentive nature. However, becuase of his background, he does have a tendancy to be highly alert and suspicious of strangers (fellow Leaf shinobi are excluded from this usually). Because he knows his limits, Jestar has more than few likings towards live today, fight tomorrow mentaility, and is probably more willing to retreat from an unwinnable fight rather than die.

Family: Johanna Holrew, Eric Nara, Tashee "Nara" Uchiha (half sister), Rila Uchiha (Mother in law)

History: Jestar was born in Konohgakure to Eric and Johanna. Although in his early years Jestar can recall both of his parents, as the years progressed and international tensions ran high, his Kumo mother and Leaf father eventually distanced, and Jestar contains his most fond memories with his father. As a result, Jestar, for most of his life, grew up a Nara, becoming wisened in the methods of Shadow manipulation at an early age. By the time he finished the academy, he was well versed in the manipulation of shadows.

As a Genin, Jestar very soon learned why his parents had to "split" as one would say; despite the motion of love, Kages and other shinobi would consider contorting with potential enemies a possible act of treason, depending on the circumstances. As a result, Jestar kept mum about his real mother to his teamates and sensei, and soon found slight relief when his father remarried to Rila Uchiha.

However, his relief was short, because as it turned out he had an elder half sister; Tashee Uchiha. The two didn't get along almost from the start; her long hair attracted Jestar's, at the time sticky hands, and from the point of contact came the conflicting irritation that came with siblings, particular half siblings. The rift continued to widen as Tashee became Jounin and as a result a direct superior to Jestar. Jestar didn't take this superiority lightly, and often times found ways to attempt to undermine her authority whenever she was left to care for him when both guardians were either on missions or just plain having the night out.

[SL reference paragraph] Things changed, however. As the threat of war between four villages: The Leaf, Sand, Sound, and Mist, became more of a reality, Tashee and Jestar found that constantly they needed to put aside their petty differences and at least attempt to cooperate together. During the Chunin exams, Jestar was soundly defeated by a psuedo ninetales, and would spend practically the rest of the war recovering. It was during this time that eventually he remet his mother.
Since Kumogakure and Konohagakure were officially neutral towards each other, his mother had taken the opportunity to visit Jestar in the hospital from his first serious injury as a ninja. The gesture was certainly ncie, but Johanna had a reason for visiting her son; telling him about the other side of the plate, about the Holrew Clan and its special oculur jutsu. Although she did not recieve the chance to go into detail, she did reveal to Jestar that he could potentially unlock it; but first, he needed to learn Raiton.

Such a requirement seemed easy when Johanna told him, but as Jestar soon found out, it was harder than he had bargained for. The only Lightning Elemental user that he knew of was his sister, and she was less than eager to take him under her wing, especially since she had a teenage fling going on. Although Jestar would never tell her, he was personally overjoyed when the relationship ended tragically, as the last battle of the war had taken her sweetheart away from her, and left her broken enough to lower her barrier and take on Jestar as a student.

It took at least two years for Jestar to learn even the simpliest Raiton techniques, primarily because his sister's primary elemnt was Katon, not Raiton. During this time, however, the two slowly began bonding, and Jestar found that his father was coming bacck to the village less and less as the months passed by. However, with Raiton under his belt, Jestar was finally able to attempt the Chunin exams again with his teamates, with whom had also failed becuase Jestar had been nearly killed in the forest of death. Eventually all three managed to pass the Forest of Death, but soon found themselves facing off against other teams in a preliminary match.

Jestar managed to leave the match alive; unfortunately, his teamates were less than lucky and found themselves ended by psuedo bijuu, who seemed to be running rampant at this time periiod. Jestar moved on towards the Finals, and keeping his teamates in mind, Jestar fought almost to the  bitter end to eventually achieve not only Chunin, but third place in the Finals. His skills in raiton had improved greatly by this time, and attaining the rank of Chunin seemed to satisfy his Raiton mentor enough that she offered him a place on her team. Jestar naturally refused; he didn't want to chance breaking their newfound bonds by being on the same team as his sister.

His sister seemed to take the rejection well, and the two maintained a close relationship, even as Jestar eventually became Jounin at 16. As a Jounin, Jestar now mostly had to himself his own responsibility of maintaining himself, and during this time period finally unlocked his Lightning Eyes during a joint operation with the Eternal Flame [Former SLS reference]. Ever since then Jestar has been training and improving his use of the Lightning Eyes, and by instruction, eventually strives to unlock it's second portion. Also, Jestar would set out to reform the Shadow Force, which seemed to had fallen due to his father's absence.

[Recent SL refernce] However, Jestar re-encountered his father again; his father demanding that Jestar give him the Blade of Shadows. Of course Jestar refused, and his father stood down and withdrew. After seeking him out to Otogakure, Jestar eventually faced the news that his father had actually joined the Sound Shinobi, and after a tearful chat, eventually returned home, more than a little devestated that his father had joined his former enemies.

After returning to the Village, Jestar made it quite the priority to restore his father to the village, and in doing so, also investigate the Holrew Clan and its origins. Although the answers were granted to him, it soon became clear that he needed one final meeting in order for the group to set off towards Kumogakure, including himself, his father, and his personal mount, Rita the Dragon. Jestar was left in Rita's care while Eric looked into directions, eventually ended up in Konohgakure prison for attempting to enter Konoha as both a missing nin and a defector.

All went well, however, when his father eventually accepted rejoining the Leaf forces as a Jounin, and currently Jestar and Eric are living together under one roof once again. The Shadow Force had been disbanded once again, although there are rumors that this is not the end of it completely.

Jestar began studying up on Genjutsu beginning at this point, and has recently begun utilizing the illusionary arts in his combat.

Faction: Nara Clan (Clan) Holrew Clan (Clan)

Philosophy: "Fight today, brawl tomorrow, make up the next day, and fight again after that."

Skills & Abilities

Weapon(s): Blade of Thunder- This rather large and ornate sword is almost just as large as Jestar and requies two hands in order to wield as a result. However, it's shear size and design make it ideal for destroying large objects and sometimes dispersing techniques, especially raiton techniques as this sword can absorb electricty and store it within the hilt to be released at Jestar's whim. When Jestar channels raiton chakra into it, it flares brilliantly and sparks, dispersing the raiton chakra throughout the entire sword's blade. When Jestar uses his sword in conjuction with his raiton chakra, upon hitting something, the sword emits a loud, almost roar-like sound that at close distances can startle opponents caught unaware of this particular abillity. Jestar isn't affected as much because he already knows when the boom is coming, and thus is more prepared for it, although that is not to say that he is entirely immune to it. Jestar can channel Raiton chakra into his sword to create various kenjutsu based raiton attacks. Due to the sword's overall size, Jestar can even use the blade portion to block some incoming projectiles. Durable in nature, the sword is unlikely to break under most conditions, especially when reinforced with Jestar's raiton.

Talent: Shadow Manipulation; noteable chakra control Genjutsu Kenjutsu

Kekkei Genkai: Byakugan ~ One of the three great dojutsu, it grants the user the ability of telescopic sight, insight to the chakra color, flow, and networking of others, and infrared vision. Combined with his excellent chakra control, Jestar is capable of executing precision strikes with incredible accuracy, although he is still somewhat a novice to the true Gentle Fist style. However, he is familiar with a few of the clan's techniques, and out of adaptaion of sorts, created varients of a few of them. However, he still needs to learn the originals in their original context. His immediate family had the nicknamed the dojutsu "Lightning Eyes", due to how useful it was to view electrical currents and flow in Kumogakure.

Primary Element: Raiton

Secondary Element: Katon

Common Techniques:

Chameleon Jutsu; Meisaigakure no Jutsu (Ninjutsu) - This technique allows the user to control how light reflects around their body, allowing them to seemlessly blend in with their enviroment. The technique, however, can be seen through with most doujutsu.

Body Flicker Jutsu; Shunshin no Jutsu (Ninjutsu) - A high speed movement technique, allowing user to move at almost untraceable speed. To conceal initial movements, a large huff of smoke and leaves appear before the user actually makes their move.

Clone Jutsu; Bunshin no Jutsu (Ninjutsu) - an illusionary clone is created. They are intangible, and can be distinguished from the original or shadow clones by when they come into contact with something and disappear or when attacked and the attacker goes through them. To make them more efficient, Jestar usually adds extra chakra so that their feet and hands are more solid, so that their feet and hands can interact with the environment. The rest, however, is still very intangible.

Shadow Clone Jutsu; Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Ninjutsu) - A real, solid clone is created. When the clone returns to original, knowledge and damage also is added to the original. Jestar can also make his clones capable of withstanding more damage before poofing, but this requires additional chakra and the damage is added onto him once the clone does return.

Hidden in the Leaves Technique; Konoha no jutsu  - The user creates a flurry of leaves, coating themselves and the surrounding area in them. If pre-existing vegetation exists, then this jutsu requires less chakra, but if not, then the user must create them using their chakra. In either instance, the leaves surround the region in such a fashion that a victim will be incapable of easily manuevering or even seeing the user, and since the leaves, regardless of shape, are coated in the users' chakra, then this also reduces the effectiveness of chakra sensing and many doujutsu, including the sharingan.

Firestyle: Fireball Jutsu; Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu (Ninjutsu) - A large ball of fire is exhaled from the mouth of user, increasing in size as more chakra is exerted

Firestyle: Phoenix Flower; Katon: Hōsenka no Jutsu (Ninjutsu)- Fire is exhaled in almost a flower shape in many different fire flowers

Fire Style: Dragon Fire Jutsu; Katon: Ryūka no Jutsu (Ninjutsu)- Exhales a large stream of fire with a wide range and intensity.

Fire Release: Running Fire; Katon: Hibashiri - The user performs a single handseal, then creates a stream of fire that runs along a pattern determined by the user, usually a circular type of formation. This is useful for trapping enemies, or establishing a sort of ‘barrier’ to keep certain enemies at bay.

Raiton Kage Bunshin; Lightning Release: Shadow Clone (Ninjutsu)- The user generates a shadow clone of electricty. Upon being significantly damaged, the clone reverts back to its original, electric form, electrocuting opponents as it does. Jestar can also manipulate the electricty emitted, the amount of control distance dependant.

Lightning Release: One Thousand Birds; Raiton: Chidori (Ninjutsu) - The user channels a large amount of Raiton chakra into their hand, the amount determining the size and strength of the technique. The concentration of raiton chakra creates a sort of "chirping birds" effect, and is a highly effective piercing weapon. This technique is most effective for Jestar when he uses his doujutsu, since the speed at which he must deliver the attack would reduce his visionage with his normal eyesight, his doujutsu essentially allowing him to home in on living targets without sacrificing speed for accuracy.

Lightning Release: Lightning Cutter; Raiton: Raikiri (Ninjutsu) - An enhanced version of the original chidori that is more focused and concentrated within the user's hand. It's manipulation requires an increased level of chakra control, but the extra power produced is capable of easily ripping through even the strongest of barriers, doton-based ones with partiuclarly ease.

Lighnting Release: Chidroi Katana; Raiton: Chidorigatana (Ninjutsu) - By channeling the chidori (or lightning cutter) through his sword, Jestar can increase it's cutting potential to the point where it can slice through steel using just the power of the chidori's current. Those who manage to defend themselves against the actual cutting are subject to being numbed by the electrical current, which Jestar, with use of his Lightning Eyes, can further manipulate to his doing.

Lightning Release: Chidori Current; Raiton: Chidori Nagashi (Ninjutsu) - By releasing the chidori (or lightning cutter) electrical energy in every which direction, the user can create an electrical discharged around their body. Opponents who are struck would recieve mostly paralytic damage, as the body would mis-interpret the discharge as an electrical signal and contract, stiffening the opponent as well. It can be channelled along the ground for increased range. With his lightning eyes, he can further direct the electrity to aide in the further of other raiton techniques in his arsenal.

One Thousand Birds: Thunder; Chidori: Raimei- Jestar charges up a lightning cutter, then releases it in a powerful series of streams that can easily destroy nearby rock formations. It is a stronger version of chidori current with much more offensive capabilities.

Lightning Release: Wave of Inspiration; Raiton: Kangekiha (Ninjutsu) - The user generates electricity within thier hands, which can be channeled into conductive materials to shock opponents. It can also used to directly shock an opponent via direct touch with increased strength. This is because a meduim would not weaken the attack.

Lightning Release: Electromagnetic Murder; Raiton: Jibashi (Ninjutsu) - By channeling chakra to their hands, the user creates a wave of electricity that, depending upon the amount of chakra applied, can range from a small static shock to a powerful stream of electricty capable of ripping through solid rock. When used in water or with a water technique, the power can be increased greatly.

Raiton: Gian; Lightning Release: False Darkness (Ninjutsu)- Jestar gathers Raiton chakra into his hand, then releases it in the form a lightning shaped spear that can easily pierce through solid rock. This gives it a high killing potential, and when the user extends this jutsu via raiton barriers or by creating mulitple "spears" of lightning, this technique becomes even more deadly.

Lightning Release: Lightning Rod; Raiton: Hiraishin- The user raises their arm into the air, then can bring down bolts of electricity down to channel through themselves into the opponent. The strength of the bolts are dependent on the user’s own ability and the amount of chakra deployed into the technique.

Lightning Release: Lightning Rod of the Lightning God; Raiton: Raijin no hiraishin - The user  ‘marks’ their opponent with an electrical field, which can be done by the target coming into contact . Once this is done, the user may bring down natural bolts of lightning from the sky upon their opponent. The field does not have to be re-armed after every use, and can be used to release portions of the electricity charged in a thunder storm, rather than all at once like Kirin.

Lightning Release: Lightning Dragon Grudge; Raiton: Rairyū Urami - The user performs the necessary handsigns, then surrounds themselves in Raiton. They then send this Raiton out in the form of a dragon, which can both be used for defense and attack. Being directly hit would result in electrocution, though getting within a few feet could potentially leave the target temporarily paralyzed.

Lightning Release: Rotating Shield of the Lightning God; Raiton: Raijin no  Kaiten Tate - Inspired by the Hyugan’s ‘ultimate defense’ technique, Jestar founded what he believes would be one of his clans better defenses. By emitting Raiton chakra and rapidly spinning, the user is able to create a field of electricity that blocks out almost any attack, easily deflecting both people and objects. It has the potential to even vaporize the target upon contact, depending on the resilience of the target to powerful surges of electricity. If intrusions are moving fast enough, they may get past the technique, and the technique is weak to wind-based attacks.

Zeus; Zeusu (Ninjutsu) - Jestar strikes the opponent with a raiton infused uppercut palm attack. As it is of raiton nature, it has the capability of paralyzing an opponent after making contact.

Zeus Wave; Zeusu Nami - The user sends a forward wave of electricity from their palms, resembling a fast moving wave of electrcity. It has killing potential in the right amounts, but is mostly designed to stun and extend the Raiton range of the user.

Lightning Release: Body Pathway Derangement; Raiton: Ranshinshō - Normally a very high level medical technique, the user disrupts the bodily function of the victim by sending an eletrical charge through the victim’s body, severing the nervous controls of the victim and ‘deranging’ their ability to control the body. As a result, the victim’s body moves almost every other way than how the victim wants the body to move. This leaves a rather large opening for an attack. Jestar using his lightning eyes’ ability to see the nervous system and his own nervous control technique to use this technique. It can be countered by a high-level medical shinobi, or by another strike of the technique.

Raiton:Magen Kangekiha; Lightning Release: Wave of Illusionary dreams- (Genjutsu) Jestar sends out a high frequency surge of raiton. Once the raiton makes contact with the enemy, Jestar uses his Lightning Eyes to direct the electricty through the target's nervous system towards the brain. The quick surge causes the target to have a series of "dreams" that vary depending on the target, usually coinciding with the target's life. While classified as a genjutsu, the raiton nature of the chakra can make this technique a potential setup for the "Nervous Control" technique.

Lightning Release: Nervous Control (Ninjutsu) - While the Lightning Eyes is active, Jestar can take advantage of his manipulation of Raiton and ability to see another's nervous system to actually sieze control of their nervous system and as a result their body. By channeling his own Raiton chakra through the NS (nervous system) of the victim, Jestar can eventually form a "connection" between user and target that allows the user to control the victim using their nervous system. Constant phyiscal contact is not needed to sustain the technique, but distance weakens the control. This technique usually works best with victims who:

*When animals (or half animals) are taken over via this technique, their eyes mirror that to Jestar's own eyes.

Magen: Jubaku Satsu; Demonic Illusion: Tree Binding Death- (Genjutsu) Once successfully executed, the foe is restrained by an imaginary tree. This technique is broken either via a special doujutsu, the death of the user or target, or through ordinary genjutsu release techniques such as stopping then surging of the target's chakra either by the victim or by an outside force, and the user's release of the technique, either voluntarily or not.

Genjutsu Shibari; Genjutsu Binding- (Genjutsu) As the name implies, this genjutsu grants the user the ability to temporarily bind opponents. This is usually a short term technique, but against weaker minded opponents, it can be used for long-term restraint with ease.

Kokuangyo no Jutsu; Bringer-of-Darkness Technique- (Genjutsu) This technique blinds the opponent by exuding a hallucinatory effect on the opponent, blinding the opponent and robbing them of their sight. This allows the user to attack unseen. The user must be able to visually see their opponent in order to use this technique.

Kokuangyo Kageshibari no jutsu; Bringer-of-Darkness Shadow Bind Technique- (Genjutsu) By initially using the bringer of darkness technique, the user robs their foe of their vision; subsequently, they then rob them of their mobility by restraining them in a similar manner to shadow imitation. While all of this is still illusionary, if the foe knows that they are facing a Nara, it is more likely that they will believe that they were restrained within the time that they lost their eyesight.

Magen: Jigoku Kōka no Jutsu; Demonic Illusion: Descending Hell Technique- (Genjutsu) Once launched, a giant fireball is seen appearing from the sky, heading down metoer-like to devestate the area. The victim can be convinced that they are quite actually being harmed by the fireball, potentially resulting in trauma.

Magen: Kokoni Arazu no Jutsu; Demonic Illusion: False Surroundings Technique- (Genjutsu) Once cast, this technique causes victims to mistake the location that they are in for another due to the fact that the illusion alters the surroundings. While an easy to break genjutsu, if the differences are subtle enough, detecting this genjutsu without special monitoring of the victim's chakra can prove difficult, and follow-up genjutsu make this a potentially deadly starter technique.

Magen: Nijū Kokoni Arazu no Jutsu; Demonic Illusion: Double False Surroundings Technique- (Genjutsu) The user casts another illusion within the first illusion that they orgiinally cast. Upon the enemy breaking the first illusion, they are not aware of the second illusion being placed due to the fact that they only recognized one of the illusions. Special doujutsu can still see through this technique however.

Magen: Narakumi no Jutsu; Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique- (Genjutsu) Upon being casted, a flurry of leaves surround the target. The illusion begins once the leaves fall. The victim is made to witness one of their greatest fears become reality, or, if unavailable, make the target beleive that they are about to die. This mistaken reality can cause mental trauma depending on the exact illusion to a loss of conciousness.

Jigyaku no Jutsu; Time Reversal Technique-(Genjutsu) This techniques puts the target into a certain state of reversed hypnosis, allowing the target to recall memories they would have otherwise forgotten. Unfortunately, this technique seems to bring back memories specifically that coincide with what the user likes, such as assassination in a target that enjoys killing important figures. This is the result of the target retaining their personality while under this genjutsu.

Nehan Shōja no Jutsu; Temple of Nirvana Technique- (Genjutsu) Upon bein cast, illusionary white feathers descend upon the area. Whoever sees the feathers will fall into a grandly peaceful state. Once the technique takes effect, there is no resisting, although expereinced users can dispel the genjutsu before it takes effect. As a result, this technique is more effective when employed alongside other genjutsu, rather than as a standalone technique.

Kagemanegen: Shinranshin; Shadow Imitation Illusion: Mind Body Disturbance- (Genjutsu) After connecting shadows with a victim, the user surges chakra through the victims nervous system. The most powerful genjutsu in the Nara arsenal, it allows the user to manipulate their victim using a powerful hypnosis. This allows them to command the user's body and mind to do various things, and due to the disconnection of the victim's mind from their body, breaking the genjutsu is incredibly difficult if not impossible.

Designed specifically to deal with summons and the like, after the technique is in effect, constant contact with the vicitm's shadow in some shape or fashion is necessary. In the case of creatures that share mind and body functions, connection with only one of the victims is necessary. The user is able to manipulate their foes mind and bodies, generating further illusions and forcefully manipulating their opponent's body against their will. The only way to break this illusion is to break the connection with the shadow.

Shadow Imitation Technique: Kagemane no Jutsu; (Ninjutsu) - After doing the needed handsigns, the user extends their shadow as far as it has sufficient area. Once it makes contact with an opponent's shadow the two shadows merge, and the opponent is forced to imitate the movements of the user. Time is the enemy of this jutsu, as it requires chakra to maintain and activate, and becomes less effective after successive uses. A strong enough opponent can resist the imitation factor.

Shadow Imitation Shuriken Technique: Kagemane Shuriken no Jutsu; (Ninjutsu) - The user channels their chakra into an object, usually a throwing weapon such as shuriken or kunai. The weapon is launched into the shadow of the enemy, and paralyzes them (most likely because inanimate objects are used). The amount of time the enemy is under the jutsu is dependent on the amount of chakra channelled within the object. The jutsu can be disabled simply by removing the object or the disappearance of the target's shadow.

Shadow Neck Bind Technique: Kage Kubi Shibari no Jutsu; (Ninjutsu) - Once captured with the Shadow Imitation Jutsu, the user then further extends their shadow up to the target's throat in the shape of a hand. This can also used to bind the opponent to restrain them. This jutsu is best suited for close range, because as time passes by, the strangle becomes weaker. It requires chakra to use and sustain.

Shadow Engame Technique: Kageyose no Jutsu; (Ninjutsu) - This jutsu requires no handsigns to perform; once activated, the user's shadow is stretched into countless thin tentacles that can be used to strike opponents, restrain them, and even throw items. It is controlled and directed by the movements of the user.

Kage Naraku no Jutsu; Shadow Hell Technique- After the connection of a Shadow Possession jutsu to a designated target, the user performs a single extra handsign to activate this jutsu. The victim is dragged into the connected shadows, after which they are unable to escape via ordinary methods or techniques. Typically, the victim is released from the world of shadows seconds after being dragged in, confused, disoriented, and soon after, within the stage of passing out. However, Jestar can keep the victim within the shadow and call them out at anytime using this technique.

Kage Idō; Shadow Migration- Combining elements of shadow imitation techniques, gate of shadows, and fuinjutsu, this technique is designed primarily for stealthy movement. Once a remote gate of shadows is activated, the user can go through their own gate of shadows and arrive at the remote one. Relatively cheap in chakra usage and time saving, the technique's completion time usually varies depending on various factors, including distance from shadow and the likes.

Gate of Shadows; (Ninjutsu) - The user performs the needed handsigns, then activates thier Shadow Seal. The seal does not glow to show activation; only a slight irritation on the seal's applied location. Nonetheless, once activated, the user can pass through shadows and use them as portals to a "Reverse World" accessible only to Shadow Seal wearers. By popping from this "Reverse World" and back into the normal world, this process takes merely seconds to complete, allowing the user to quickly evade powerful techniques that cast a large shadow. The user must be within either a shadow or nigh complete darkness to use this technique. The user's movements cannot be tracked by even the byakugan.

Seals: (Shadow Seal) Allows the wearer to pass through the gate of shadows by intimately connecting the bearer to their shadow. This allows for additional ease of use of the shadow imitation techniques. Jestar's is located underneath his headband, directly on his forehead, and the symbol resembles that of a compass.

Summonings: None

Jestar's Battle Music (Appearance not shown)

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Chomei, the 7 tailed beast, Jinchurikii

Jestar became the host of the 7-tails after demonstrating his ability and determination to Athos Uzumaki. As the host, Jestar has much larger chakra reserves than he does naturally, and at various stages of his development with Chomei grows increasingly in strength and power. His period for beginning mastery began on June 6, 2017. Full mastery, by the current biju rules, was achieved approximately September 19, 2017.

Chōmei Chakra Threads; Chōmei Chakura no Ito - Special chakra threads created by the 7-tails that have a strong resistance to damage and resist chakra absorption techniques. When layered, such as when making a cocoon or clothing for shields, it has the effect of protecting whatever it is inside of it or wrapped around from chakra absorption. These threads can be incredibly strong as well, being vulnerable only to chakra attacks such as the gentle fist, and only when concentrated at a weak spot visible only to the byakugan.

Scale Powder; Rinpun - Special powdered scales generated from Chomei, they are very refractive, scattering light in such a fashion that it can blind enemies from quite the range. Because of course it can also blind Jestar, this will typically be used either in the form of a dome, very brief in nature as to throw off sharingan users, or in conjunction with other attacks in order to throw his opponent's off balance. Using chakra, the powder can also be turned into a more reflective sort as well.

Tailed Beast Ball -

Tailed Beast Transformation-

Partial Transformation -
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You cannot destroy the will of humanity, without giving them someone to BE their replacement will. Victory must mean that one side achieves its objectives; not that the other is competely destroyed or decimated.

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