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Keitaro Yamazaki

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« on: June 25, 2011, 09:49:09 pm »


Basic Information

Name: Keitaro Yamazaki
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 175 lbs.
Rank: Jounin
Affiliation: Iwagakure no Sato, formerly Konohagakure
A father and mother, but no siblings. His parents still live in Konoha.



He began his life in Konohagakure as a part of the Hyuuga side branch. He was an average student, but felt as though being in the side branch, he was missing out on techniques that the main branch was not telling him. Asking his parents for help, he trained with them in order to get better, as he needed the extra effort in order to improve his techniques. As the years went on, he began to improve at an impressively drastic rate to the point where he was able to be on par with the main branch students. However, he still felt as though he was being limited.

He was beginning to get annoyed with the village itself. The citizens on a day by day basis were starting to irk him, even when he would simply walk the streets looking for something to eat. With the chaos of trying to find the next Hokage, he had a renewed hope in Zeromi, but she had disappeared almost immediately, and things went back to the way they were.  And now, with the knowledge of the other Hokages wiped from the pages of history, he decided to make himself disappear too.

It was then that Keitaro left his home and visited Iwagakure no Sato. He fell in love with the village, and the people that lived there. Everybody was laid back and enjoyable, and so it was then that he decided to stay there. He still has a soft spot for Konoha (especially its food), but he made the decision to live in Iwagakure and protect it.


Keitaro is an honorable and nice man. He is rather trusting right off the bat, but if that trust is broken, it is often never forgiven. He likes to spend his time lounging about and joking with friends, but during combat, he has a no nonsense approach, as he knows things need to get done.

Chakra Affinities: Katon 火, Doton 土, Raiton 雷

Special Abilities: Bakuton 爆, Byakugan

Summoning: Elephants

Fighting Style: He often uses his vast ninjutsu arsenal in order to take down his opponents. However, although he does use a great amount of ninjutsu, his quick reflexes and physical prowess make him a formidable foe in terms of taijutsu as well. He is able to use a basic amount of his clan's techniques, but he is also interested in combining his Bakuton and Hyuuga techniques, but he is merely experimenting at this time with the possibilities.
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