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Chronicles of the Blood Moon Event

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Author Topic: Chronicles of the Blood Moon Event  (Read 640 times)
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« on: April 16, 2012, 04:25:31 pm »

August 23, 2010

The following are exerps from actual RP on SL during the time of Chaos brought about by the Blood Red Moon. Check here for updates on the continuing storyline.


It was early August in Sunagakure after a cleansing of evil ritual in one of the alleyways that had been defiled by the forces of darkness, that Hashimoto Daichi had been temporarily blinded by the cleansing light that had locked the evil back within its rightful domain. His wife, Inazawa Tai, had discovered him missing from the house and searched the village in a panic over his safety. Upon her return home, the couple shared an ominous conversation. The couple are possessors of twin pendants made from a fallen star; the powers these hold are still largely unknown to the two.

InazawaTai sat with her husband sipping her tea, she then set it down and started her story. "I couldn't find you after I got home. I...well I went to CJ's to talk to him about your injuries." Daichi had told her to keep his injury a secret but her worries had gotten the better of her.

Hashimoto Daichi nods, grabbing another bite of the muffin. Before he gestured at her answer, he set the tea cup on the table and the muffin right next to it. "I know. I saw CJ and he told me. Don't worry about it."

Tai sighs and reaches out to grip his hand. "I am glad you understand. But, after I got home and you were gone I went out hunting you and I...stopped at the gypsy's hut to get a reading."

Daichi blinked, looking at her somewhat confused. She searched for me by visiting the gypsy's hut? Daichi had to chuckle silently before eating what had remained of his muffin, soaking it with a few sips of tea.

Her face readened seeing his reaction. "Well scoff all you like but she told me two things. And she was right about the first saying that I would not find you until I had given up. And here you were right back at home all along."

Daichi shook his head, gesturing, "I didn't mean to scoff, its just that I wouldn't think about trying to get answers from a gypsy in a million years." He grinned and kissed her.

Kissing him softly, she pushes against him slightly to part lips so she may continue her story. "But it is the second thing that concerns me. It sounded frightening to me Daichi. She said that ' when the moon shines red over the land, look to the sands for there will come a great chasm of chaos. When the first breath of life is drawn, product of binary solarus, darkness will fill the land."

He listened to her carefully, now realizing why she looked so frightened when he saw her enter through the door. However, the prophecy she heard sounded weird. One word in particular caught his attention, for he thought that she pronounced it wrong." Solarus?"

Inazawa Tai nodded her head, "Yes. Solarus. I know this seems a bit egocentric, but are not stars, many at least, the suns of solar systems of their own?"
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« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2012, 04:27:03 pm »

Rising of the Moon:

From within the confines of the Shinobi Kingdom which lies in the southern seas beyond Wind Country.

Inazawa Tai rubs her aching back and shakes her head

Fighting Dreamer Moonfire sighs slightly but smiles, then looks at Tai and raises an eyebrow "You okay Tai?"

Tai  sinks down onto the couch with a sigh.

Moonfire sighes as he got again no answer,was that normal? Silver would take a seat and then look at the pictures he had drawn. Now it was time to color them.

She blinks and turns to look at Silver, "What? I'm sorry, I was thinking. What did you say?"

The boy would look over to Tai and shrug slightly saying "Not this important I just asked if you are okay...Seems like it is not important when I am worried..."

Tai smiles as she says, "Oh not at all, Silver. I am sorry. It has just been a rough week. Taken a lot out of me." She shifts about on the couch finding it hard to get comfortable.

Moonfire slowly nods, his eys darting into the distant for a while, he then sighs slightly."Yeah hard week...I am glad that I am out of trouble for now..." Silver shook his head and then smiled at Tai "Something wrong Tai?"

Tai rose from the couch and began to pace about some. "I don't thinks it's anything but soreness. I should walk around a bit." She hoped he managed to stay out of trouble.

He nods and looks back to his pictures."Maybe you should rest for a while Tai."

Tai moves to the music box and puts on an old Billie Holiday record. "You could be right Silver." Wonders where her husband is.

He chuckels and says "Wow I could? That would be the first time!" Silver looked again at the pictures."Blue, black, silver, red and one little head"

Pain runs through her with sudden ferocity and she finally realizes what is happening. "Yeah Silver. I think I am gonna go and lie down for a bit. Good luck with the picture."

"Thanks" Silver mutterd before smilling at Tai. He waved to her. "Get well yeah?"

Tai stops at the door to her rooms and smiles back over her shoulder to Silver, "Oh I will be fine soon, I am sure." Walking into her room, she grabs her 'to go' bag and slips out the back door into the garden. The pains have lessened some as she walks through the garden taking to the hills. There is a place she hopes to reach before nightfall. A place very special in which she wishes to conduct her work.

Moonfire smiles as he has no need to worry about Tai and scratches his head before starting to paint one of the pictures.

Taking to a little known trail, she hikes far up into the mountains. From time to time she has to stop as pain clutches her, but only for a small while.

Hashimoto Daichi strolls out of his office, covering a loud yawn with his hand, and makes his way into the kitchen to get a glass of water.

Moonfire waves without looking as he heard someone walk to the kitchen. Silver was focusing on his picture and cursed from time to time.

Tai eventually she made her way to the mountain shrine that rested deep within a cavern of the mountainside. It was a tranquil and remote location and would serve her purposes well. Within the cavern torches were attached to the walls; these she lit.

Feeling that he gets tired, Silver would get up and slowly walk into the kitchen. He would plunder the fridge to get himself somethign to eat. But as he stepped into the kitchen he stopped and smiled as he saw a familiar person."Hey Daichi!"

Further back into the cavern she comes to a large chamber where the shrine sits. A small pool of water, which is fed by a spring, lies to the right of the shrine itself. Moving about the chamber, she lights torches here as well.

Daichi 's head slipped down into the sink as he tried to fill the glass with water, which now ran down on his hair... Loud, snoring noises indicated that Daichi was sound asleep.

Moonfire would first go closer to Daichi as he heard him snorring. "How the..." after staring at the red haired ninja, Silver would start to laugh. But then grab Daichi by the collar and pull him away from the water, after that he would fill the glass of water and splash it at him. "I bet I regret that now" Silver whisperd grinning to himself.

Daichi wakes up, his hair completely wet, water also running down his face, soaking his beard. What the...

Moonfire chuckels and refills the glass with water. "Sleeping in the sink was even new for me. You were thristy huh?"

Large chests are about the chamber, and a smaller chamber in the back is a temporary living quarters for traveling monks. To this chamber she repairs. Laying her pack aside, she lights a small fire in a brazier within the chamber, then opens a chest withdrawing padded bedding to fix up the cot along the wall. Her pain makes the chore lengthy, but at a last she has it fixed to her design. Taking up a bucket, she goes back to the main chamber to fetch some water.

Daichi grabs a towel and dries his hair. "I guess I was more tired than I thought."

Moonfire nods as he watches Daichi handing him his glass with water. "Yes seems so, so how are you?" Silver asked as he opend the fridge to look for something he could eat. The first thing he noticed was that the cheese was missing.

Daichi discards the towel and says, "It wasn't exactly easy to move my office back where it used to be, so I had little sleep." He yawns and quickly quaffs the water, setting the glass aside.

Meanwhile, evening was slowly approaching. Knealing beside the pool of water, she dipped out the liquid into the bucket while she set her thoughts upon her work.

Moonfire takes some eggs out and then gets a pan. "You really put everything to its former place? It completly looks like the day you left? Oh good you had nothign else to do did you?" Silver joked as he started to fry the eggs. "But it is nice to see you here again Daichi. But you could have asked. You know I love to help." Silver would smirk and then suddenly laugh. He rememberd the last time he tried to help Daichi with his office, he had to rebuild it and in the end Daichi's office was destroyed.

He chuckles. "Thanks, kid. Though I wanted to finish moving back in as quickly as possible and get back to Tai. Where is she anyway?"

Moonfire scratches his cheek and shrugs, his eyes on his food. "I don't know...sorry but I think she wanted to lay down and rest."

Moving back to the smaller room, she pours the water out into a pan and setting it upon the brazier. Pain rushes through her body and she sets the bucket down hastily gripping the edge of the stone table upon which the brazier sets.

Daichi nods, looking around as if he was about to spot her in the next moment. He grabbed a cigarette and proceeded to light it; taking a strong, long puff he made his way out of the kitchen and walked around the Gathering Halls.

Moonfire focuses on his food and would take the eggs out and place them on a plate. After that he would wash the pan and walk back into the halls. Back to his drawing, there he would eat his food.

As night fell upon the Kingdom, a full moon rose. Big and beautiful it cast its radiance upon the sea, the light of a red moon.

Daichi looked out the window... and froze... The red moon... he murmured to himself, widening his eyes.

Moonfire would stop eating as the red light fell into the halls.The young shinobi would walk to the window and shiver as he looked out of it. He loved the full moon but he was scared by its red color this night. Was that a sign?And if yes a good or bad one?

Daichi whispered, "Impossible..." He looked to Silver and said, "Where is Tai? Did you see where she left?"

Moonfire turns to Daichi raising an eyebrow. Was Daichi worried? If yes why? Silver glanced back at the moon before looking at Daichi again "I am afraid I can't tell you where she went. I was focused on my picture, I am sorry. But shouldn't you be able to find her with your wind Daichi?"

Daichi shakes his head. She must be too far away.

In the small inner chamber of the shrine, she took to bed lying in at last to bring her work toward completion.

Moonfire would drive with his hand through his silver hair,thinking. "I am not wrong when I assume that you are worried, Daichi. Right? Why so worried?"

Daichi shakes his head... How could he tell Silver? The premonition may be true, but if anyone found out what will cause it to come to life... Even though it may be too late for anyone to stop it, they could take revenge afterwards. He had to do something, and quick. "Stay here for me," he told Silver, and ran into his office, shutting the door behind him. Turning the key inside the lock, he looked around, trying to figure out how to find Tai.

Moonfire would simply stay where he was nodding. He never thought he would get an answer so he wasn't disappointed. Slowly the young Moonfire looked back to the moon. "What causes you to be red? What does that mean?" Silver whisperd, he wanted an answer. But he knew that he wouldn't get one this soon. All he could do was to wait.

Surprisingly, Tai was rather calm. She dealt with the pain when it came and breathed in relief when it went away. During such times she would pace the floor until a new wave should force her back to the cot.

Daichi was getting nervous. Where are you, hon? He knew Tai wasn't at home, so he would just waste time trying to find her there. She had no actual "resting place" within the realm of the Kingdom... at least not that he knew about...

Still starring at the moon he wonderd if he missed something. Why was Daichi looking for Tai? She wanted to lay down, didn't she? So why was Daichi looking for Tai? "This only means she is not at home but then...where could she be? Staring at the moon won't help much." Silver stated to wander through the halls, he felt so...useless...Silver looked at the office door but he didn't go over to it. No. He shook his head he would wait and trust Daichi.

Meanwhile back in the Kingdom, things were starting to just feel a bit off. It was hard to put one's finger upon it. Strange noises, glimpses of things from the corner of the eyes...turning would show nothing there.

Daichi felt it... He felt it as soon as it came. He wanted to die. The first thing that came to his mind was the misery which will befall the Kingdom in a matter of hours. And in the harshest of times no less. Yet, Daichi was now sure what to do to find her. He grabbed the pendant from his backpack and held it firmly in his hand. He did not dare mold any chakra just yet, hoping that the pendant itself will give him an answer he sought.

Moonfire From time to time Silver would flinch he hated the feeling he just had. Did he see something? No,or did he? "Damn what is that?" Silver asked himself, slowly he closed his eyes and started to calm himself down. Panic would make anything just worse.

Such was the unity of their intertwined spirits, that at the moment Daichi's had took hold of the pendant, so too did her own. Her thoughts went to her husband sending calmness out to him.

Daichi felt it. How could he not? But calmness would only be overwhelmed by fear. Daichi concentrated his thoughts, begging her to reveal herself.

It would be the first time she had ever denied him anything. The instant she felt his need to find her, she brought the pedant to her lips and breathed out a foggy mist upon its surface. He would be needed in the kingdom tonight if her fears were correct. Nothing could harm her or their child that she would bring forth tonight, not here in the sanctuary.

Daichi opened his eyes and furiously smashed the window with his bare fist, still gripping the pendant in the other hand as he jumped out of the window. If her fears overwhelm her as well the chaos that would rise this night could embrace the child itself. If that happens, they're all screwed, he thought. There was nothing else to do but prepare. Daichi rushed to the highest point in the Kingdom; soon he will directly face the far away sanctuary and be ready should the worst happen.
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« Reply #2 on: April 16, 2012, 04:27:59 pm »

The sound of shattering glass made him reopen his eyes. Silver starred at Daichi's office door. It came from the room! What did that mean!? Silver rushed towards the door but then stopped and turned around. No he wouldn't run into the room. If Daichi needed him then he would tell him that, also he told him to stay here and Silver decided to listen to Daichi. For the first time he would do what Daichi told him, without asking or complaining. First he walked to the middle of the halls and sat down closed his eyes and started to meditate, he needed to be calm and he might need his chakra for later. "I hope you know what you do Daichi..."

The seas began to steam and bubble slowly. Turtles and crabs, things that could, began to crawl up onto the shores to escape the waters.

Daichi 's fear started to overwhelm him. He is not going to be able to do this alone. Not if he wants to survive. His body could endure the power of the pendant for only so long. His hands, although shivering, could not move; he didn't dare put on the pendant around his neck.

She had to let go her concern for her husband as her attentions were drawn into bring forth the child. And outside the winds began to turn colder while the red moon cast its glow upon the world.

Moonfire reopens his eyes as a cold wind blew through the halls. Quickly Silver would jump to his feet and close the windows. But at one window he stopped and looked at his reflection. The silver hair of him had a red taint. Raising an eyebrow he quickly snapped and a silver flame would apear, just as big as a spark but it was growing and violently and it also had a taint of red in it. He quickly let the flame disperse.This night was really weird. "What will happen next?" Silver wondered.

The staggering rise of the winds brought Daichi out of his thoughts. Wind! Of course! Daichi raised his hands, still holding the pendant; bright shining white light began emitting oddly; and Daichi started gathering strength.

The ground began to tremble and birds that had roosted for the night lifted up into the winds to be carried high up into the sky by the winds.

He breathed deeply, trying to concentrate and listen to his own whispering winds. Tints of white, resembling sparks and small streams of flames slowly started to form around him.

Moonfire cursed under his breath as he felt the earth tremble, instantly Jermey ran up to him and jumped onto his back. Silver nearly fell but could regain his balance."I am here clam down" He whisperd before walking back to the place where he had meditated for a short while. Silver would sit down and pet Jeremy's head gently. "I am here don't worry...nothing bad will happen to us!" Silver said and at the same moment hoped that he would be right. He hoped that his little scorpion was safe as well. The young Shinobi breathed in and closed his eyes, he pushed all his negative feelings aside and concetrated on positive feelings and memories. He had to be strong.

Far out in the sands of Sunagakure, a great rift was opened up in the land. The ground shook causing a tidal wave to form and come rushing toward the Kingdom. And in the shrine a small cry cut through the night as Tai took her son into her arms for the very first time.

Daichi 's body was soon covered with white light, now having a strong essence of what could only be described as divine energy. Such talk was blasphemy, however, but as Daichi's body started gaining full stature, leaning back as though his spine was just about to break in half, the ground beneath his feet started shaking and the energy that cloaked him gained physical substance and he was slightly lifted off the ground. And just as the clouds darkened and the air became almost as thick as fog, the white energy "fired up", shining brightly like the sun itself. There was no doubt that this could be seen beyond the city and even throughout the Kingdom.

Moonfire felt suddenly a strong overwhelming power, he ran out, why? He had no idea but out there he saw something big in the distant. He couldn't see much in the dark but was it a wave, from out to sea? Shaking his head the boy would look for the source of the energy he had felt but was then blinded by a bright white light which could be seen clearly over the kingdom. Silver quickly shielded his eyes. Silently he wonderd was going on and deep inside he felt useless.

The tidal wave of water, generated from the rift in far off Sunagakure, moved across the sea gathering speed and height. The tide on the shore of the Kingdom was drawn far out.

Daichi 's senses were overwhelmed. He felt as though he was able to do anything, and as though he had all the power in the world to do it. The pendant never expressed such a vast, almost endless, source of power. Should he dare and use it? The risk was unknown, just like the outcome. But if he molds chakra and tries to use it, the only way to do that was through the pendant itself, which he already witnessed; the damage to his body now would be remarkably greater. Daichi turned to gaze upon the unsettling waters, and the colossal tidal wave.

Moonfire rubs his eyes and blinked few times. He was blinded by the bright light which came from looking directly into it. He sighed and his left hand drove though his hair. He hated the feeling of being useless and so he ran to his room and got his Genasi the power of the sword was strong but no one could controll it properly. Silver knew that and hoped that he wouldn't need it, but it was the strongest thing he had right now. After that he decided to get to the source of this overwhelming power. What would await him? Was it even a good idea? "No..actually I just bring myself into trouble" With a shrug Silver would bring himself into trouble like always, this time by going to the source of the power he felt.

Tending the child, new brought into the world this night, she wrapped him in clean cloth holding him near. The pendant, twin to that of her husband, burned hotly upon her chest. Her head whipped round to the cavern entrance in fear. No...

Daichi seemed to have no choice in the matter. He had to take the risk. Raising his hands he gestured a set of handsigns, and extended both palms of his hands towards the ocean, and the tidal wave that was approaching. Chakra formed into wind started gathering on the palms, slowly being compressed to a small radius. Daichi knew what was coming. The white energy, at first, started wrapping around the chakra, ultimately mixing with it. Daichi felt as if his hands were burning, but he had to take more time to further empower the technique. But as Daichi compressed the chakra, the energy within expanded, and he was on the verge of loosing control. Having wind as his affinity and the only thing he had trained for more than 20 years, in the end he managed to hold it together. When the technique grew in size up to the point that his hands were completely cloaked, Daichi released the technique. Prior to it, his eyes faded to an almost completely transparent, just like last time. Because of this he was able to see and correctly direct the paths of two giant beam-like blasts of wind towards the tidal wave. But then something strange happened... These two blasts could only travel in a linear direction, Daichi being able only to adjust the angle of trajectory. Now, however, the blasts started swirling around each other like two snakes. As far as Daichi could see, the distance between them almost didn't exist, but in such fashion, the two blasts rushed with unimaginable speed towards the tidal wave.

Moonfire put his shaded goggles on before he climbed up. Silver starred in awe at the source of the power, or to be exact at the person. It was nearly not possible to recognize the person as Daichi, due the white flames around him but Silver only knew one person who could use the wind like that and this was Daichi. Silently he watched Daichi and wonderd what was happening. He wanted to know where this energy came from and absently stroked his left arm. As he did old memories flooded his mind. He rememberd that Daichi and Tai once used the pendant to heal his arm, was it this artifact that gave Daichi so much strentgh? Silver bite his lower lip and kept watching, he hoped that Daichi knew what he was doing.

Tai rising from the bed, her child, their son in her arms, Tai made her way out to the cavern entrance on force of will alone. There she saw the light about the form of her husband and cried out for the first time this eve. Griping her pendant in her left hand, she began to sing. It was their song, the words etched forever in her mind. "When the dark wood fell before me And all the paths were overgrown. When the priests of pride say there is no other way I tilled the sorrows of stone" in this way she poured the essence of her soul upon the winds to find Daichi. Her song pierced the light, cloaking him forever in the protection of her voice. She continues on with each refrain until she felt she would not longer be able to stand.

Daichi smiled, the words of that song, such a familiar song, filled his heart with love. The last thought on his mind was a thought of his beloved wife and the child she brought into this world, the creation of their own dance; a dance as old as time itself. He closed his eyes as the beams of wind and white energy crashed into the tidal wave. A colossal explosion shook the ground throughout the Kingdom, and burst the wave in all directions, raising the waters far up into the sky. The explosion of energy pierced right through the darkened clouds, and the red moon revealed itself as rain began pouring down, the remains of the tidal wave unsettling the shores of the Kingdom. No doubt that there may be some damage to the fishing shacks and warehouses, but the waters would soon calm once again. Daichi fell to his knees unconscious, having enough strength and time only to conceal the pendant somewhere on his person.

Seeing Daichi collapsing, he would jump over to him. After that Silver would instantly check if Daichi was alright. What Daichi just did was amazing and now Silver was worried about his friend.

In plain view of her she watched as the light of her husband collapsed to the ground. Close enough for her to see, yet far enough away that she could never reach his side. Settling to the ground, she held their son and changed the tone of her song. A prayer...

Daichi breathed heavily, able to inhale only small amounts of air into his lungs. Otherwise, he seemed alright. Just like an explosion upon the tidal wave, so was inside Daichi's body an explosion of exhaustion of chakra and fatigue forced him to pass out.

Just to make sure Silver would use a Jutsu to try and find something, if he would fail in finding anything he would just Take Daichi and bring him into the halls where he could rest, but he would also force some of his own chakra into Daichi.

Slight tachycardia was present, but unbeknownst to Silver, this was because of Daichi's knowledge of his newborn son.

Silver would simply raise an eyebrow and decide to let him rest for now. He wasn't sure what to do in such moments and so he lifted Daichi somehow up and brough him to the clan halls and laid him onto a couch. "And now?"

Daichi laid there peacefully, as if though he was just sleeping.

Moonfire leans against a wall watching Daichi as he slept. Silvers eyes would wander to the moon from time to time. Was it over now?

Rising unsteadily to her feet, she retreats to the inner chamber. She will have to wait until she is strong enough to return to the hall. Once more upon the cot, she hopes that this one finds favor in his father's eyes.

This night had seen the advent of something. As yet it was quite unknown what or where it would manifest itself. But with a surety when the time was right there would be no mistaking its presense.

Moonfire sighs softly, today was so weird. Silver looked again to Daichi and then rememberd the food he had made, he went over to it just to see that Jeremy had devoured it. Shaking his head, the young shinobi got himself a glass of water and an apple. Feeling the sleep coming over him and nearly fallling asleep while eating the apple, Silver slowly leaves the halls, leaving Jermey alone to watch over it. This night was enough adventure he wondered what the day would bring.
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« Reply #3 on: April 16, 2012, 04:28:52 pm »

Meanwhile in Sunagakure:

Kayenta Moenkopi having felt the tremor that struck the village, moved outside her dwelling and saw the full red moon shining down upon Sunagakure. A feeling of dread passed over her for she had not seen such a thing since the days of her youth. She recalled the lines of a nursery rhyme in bits and pieces, "Under the light of the red moon, binary solarus's fruit is bore and chaos walks the land once more." Moving to her office, she set out across the land seeking those of wisdom to consult.

Genin Sanjiro strolled through the village streets, having felt the tremor of the night before he pondered the cause and effect of it. Sanjiro hadn't seen the moon, or did he? Perhaps he figured his eyes were covered in blood?

Chuunin Hito seems to patrol the area, looking for any signs of trouble..

Akujin Zachariah walks swiftly, his feet making loud thuds as they hit the ground. His eyes scan the area, with his hand on the hilt of his sword. He diligently awaits trouble.

Chuunin Hito just continues his patrol.

Academy Student DarkKnight in the early morning, the rounin moved jerkily across the deserts towards that of the great village of sand. A medic, or perhaps an anbu; really any knowledgable in the ways in which a human body works, would find his movements to be rather erratic or, indeed, impossible without causing one a supreme amount of pain. How? His arms swayed in front of him, back and forth, as he somewhat leaned forwards. His head was tilted at an impossible angle, and his visage, usually of an immeasurible blank sea, now was twisted in that which could be described as nothing other than eternal agony. He dragged his feet through the chilling sands his knees bent almost impossibly. How a human body could make such odd angles is beyond average imagination. The rounin moved like a man possessed towards the great village, his eyes flickering in their sockets.

Deadly Anbu Inu opens the door to his dwelling, stepping out with a yawn. With a swift movement, he blurs forward and reappears standing ontop a pillar of the gates of Suna.

TheTaijutsuShadow Hoshuahoo looks out into the desert spotting the wondering nin, "oh wow, a contortionist."

Genin Kinan appears in the streets, looking around

AkamaruUchiha walks in

Inu chuckles underneath his mask and goes back to scanning the area with his eyes.

AkamaruUchiha keeps a close eye on Inu and continues walking

DarkKnight, arriving at the gates of Sunagakure, the rounin's shoulder's moved back, and his arms with them. His shoulder plates were positioned any rate, chakra began to course down his arm, of a malicious feeling, and nearly visible, the chakra shot forth, down the main street of Suna. A single second's delay would foresee several mid-sized explosions down the main street, seemingly out of nowhere. Only those with Byakugan, Sharingan, or those of the like would be able to tell the explosive chakra in the air. Furthermore, if one had such, they would see Dark's bones constricting against himself, in impossible angles, and a foreign, evil chakra, coursing through his body. To any with such an ability, it would almost seem as though the chakra burned their eyes, though it didn't truly, it was just that malevolent. Unbenknownst to all but those aware of it, this would be the beginning of Chaos'' chakra..

Inu sees no trouble so far but due to the red moon, he only has to wonder.

Genin Kinan jumps onto a rofftop and oversees the rounin ninja

AkamaruUchiha appears behind where Inu is standing

TheTaijutsuShadow hoshuahoo jumps down an umbrella in hand,"excuse me but who do you think you are if you wanted a zone fight ill gladly take you."

CJoftheDesert opens up the window of his shop looking around. He could have sworn he felt.. "Explosions.." Looking over the building he sees smoke rising and leaps from the window down to the street below, running toward the smoke.

Inu blinks then dives off the pillar quickly at the moment there was explosions. Landing on the ground, he runs up the street towards the smoke and also following CJ.

AkamaruUchiha follows Inu down noting he was on a pilar behind him "Yo wheres Lady Kayenta?"

Inu speaks to Akamaru, still running towards the smoke, "I don't know."

DarkKnight another course of chakra would flow down the same street, as the rounin himself, ignoring Hoshuahoo-san's question, turned, stumbling down a side-street. His chakra coursed slowly into the ground as well, his eyes flickering. In fact, one with byakugan would note his eyes were behaving well. How he was able to see at all would be nothing less than a mystery. At any rate, he numbly brought his left hand to his mouth, biting down. Blood fell to the ground, and, a moment later, a hive of insects appeared, forming a small cloud. Quite quickly, they dispersed. They, too, contained this eerie malevolent chakra, far different from the explosive chakra. About this time, the second series of explosions released.

Genin Kinan ears twitch as she hears the echos of the explostions, she then jumps off the rooftops and runs throughout the streets, checking on people to make sure no one was harmed.

InazawaTai returning from the clan halls, Tai hears Akamaru and says, "She was called away to Otogakure. She is seeking out the meaning of the Blood Red Moon last night." She was silent as to her own thoughts upon this moon.

AkamaruUchiha sighs "Whos in charge until her return?"

Tai nods her head in the direction of CJ, "That one there runnign toward the smoke of the explosion."

AkamaruUchiha curses and shoots a fire ball at the insects

Tai hiding her newborn son, delivered last night under the Blood Red Moon, she heads toward her home. her mind is full of the words of the gypsy.

TheTaijutsuShadow hoshuahoo, "oh thats it!" unwraps the bandages on his left hand pointing both the tatoo and the hole in his palm at the strange nin, "may you die quickly." launching a powerful and dense blast of fuuton chakra at darknight as he releases his fu ka hoin seal unleashing a torent of the black flames of amaterasu watching as they engulf everything in their path, and since it's aimed down a side street the only thing to harm was the contortionist, though the added fuuton left large gashes in the houses. it was something that could easily be fixed

CJoftheDesert looks at the cloud of insects but decides they are a secondary problem since they seem to be leaving. Running down the street he begins checking on the people and the extent of the damage.

Inu ignores insects, slowly catching up with CJ. He blinks at the other series of explosions, only having to wonder if this doesn't stop will the city be destroy? Shudders at the thought.

Chuunin Sadness hides under CJ's jacket.

AkamaruUchiha draws major and scout and begins to take control over the flames caused by the explosion making sure they don't destroy anything important

Genin Kinan heals and helps the villagers to a safer place in the village as the explosions grow more frequent and sighes, wondering when this heticness would someday stop

From the garden of the Kazekage, the bees that young Yoshiki had bred rose in a torrent to take out after the vile insects that had come to Suna. They would seek them out each and everyone and try to kill them. For such was the love of the boy and the land in which he had lived, the hive remembered his last directive to them and the thought was inbred in each new generation. "Protect the family, Protect Sunagakure"

Chuunin Sadness is extremely scared, hiding under CJ's jacket just in case a war had somehow broken out or something, hoping he doesn't take me out of his jacket.

AkamaruUchiha extingushes the flames from the explosion not of the amaterasu and looks around for CJ.

The hive itself moved in many a way; firstly, a wall of them formed, protecting Dark from the otherworldly black flames. Furthermore, more had been struck by the fireball of Akamaru's. Also, they met forth with the bees of Sunagakure with an air of happiness at meeting it's friends,they love to fight their own kind. Lastly, more surrounded the shinobi, raising him into the air. As they did so, the ground the chakra had coursed into exploded rather harshly, creating yet another deep chasm in a side street. Dark's chakra fell from his being into the air, and towards Sunagakure, as he was raised into the sky. Seemingly, the hive was growing even faster than it was being destroyed. How? It fed upon everything, including organisims in the air, and through this, they were reproducing asexually at a rate similar to that of a virus. As Dark's chakra fell towards Sunagakure, it began to explode, causing it to literally rain explosions and fire. Finally, the rounin spoke forth, with a voice that could not possibly be made by his tender voicebox; it seemingly shook the air, "Chaaaaaaaaaaaaaos.........Chaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaos......Chhh..."

Inside her home, Tai tends to the new born child. Chaos will be unleashed upon the land...the words were true, painfully true. Staring into the eyes of her son as he fed, she wondered what he had to do with all of this. It filled her with fear.

Arai Sabaku Bara kyuubiheir wanders in seeing the bugs attack suna and growls.

As the swarm drew upon the force of the bees, multiplying of their energy, it also absorbed the prime directive instilled down into the very DNA of the insects. "Protect the family. Protect Sunagakure." And as such, and instability began to spread through the swarm. The power of Yoshiki awoke in the swarm and began to fight against itself. Such was the power of the young boy's sacrifice in giving of his very life to make Suna secure that the dark chakra was unable to overcome that which has been bred from love.

CJoftheDesert looked up quickly at the figure above Sunagakure as explosions detonated throughout the city. Seeing the explosions hit the top of roofs seemingly randomly and some places more than once he deduced the explosions couldn't be planted. Closing his eyes he began to mutter to himself as his arms slowly raised into the air, fiery marks of the cursed seal spreading across his skin. Gysers of sand began to erupt around the streets, raising into the sky above the village of Sunagakure. As the gysers reached a peak above the rooftops the sand began to spread out in the air above the village, the gysers eventually connecting with each other forming a partial dome over the majority of the village taking the brunt explosions.

AkamaruUchiha is pushed far back by the explosion landing 5ft to the let of CJ knocked out

TheTaijutsuShadow hoshuahoo reseals the amaterasu into his palm befor it causes more harm then good befor reaching into his back pack withdrawing an unique vambrace big and unwieldy with ten holes dug deep into it. sliding it on fully around his right arm he screamed in pain as its claws dug deep into his arm drawing his chakra into it, lifting the arm he hovers his left palm over the melody amplifier.

Chuunin Sadness watches as the curse marks spread on CJ, wishing she had listened to her mom Devi and stayed in Kiri.

Arai Sabaku Bara kyuubiheir spreads her wings gazing for anything unusal.

Genin Kinan snatches Ness and hides her with the villagers so she isnt hurt

Chuunin Sadness hides, holding her belly.

Meanwhile, CJ had successfully blocked the brunt of the many explosions; Dark had continued to ascend higher into the atmosphere, towards a great cloud. What would happen if the red moon shone on him? Portions of the insects broke away, containing the malevolent chakra, and flew, growing in number to a great plethora of the things, heading directly towards CJ.

Genin Kinan stays with Ness and protects her and other people from the incoming fight

TheTaijutsuShadow hoshuahoo performs Zankuukyokuha creating a sonic boom as the blast launches from his left palm throwing his arm out of its socket, the sound of the blast feeds through the sound amplifier increasing its frequency to way above 150 Mhz, his chakra forming the blast and sound into the shape of a dragon guiding it in its path first around DarkKnight the insects around him exploding due to the sudden blast and extreme change in air presure untill it bites down at the rouge nin splitting apart to enter the ears, mouth, and nose. Through the ears to attack the ear drumb, through the mouth and nose and into the eustachian tube and into the middle ear. The pain from such an attack alone is enough to cause; sever dizziness, nausia, and unspeakable pain are usually experienced by 5% of the victims, another 6% experience complete blackout for several seconds, knockout inducing coma for another 29%, or death to the majority of 60% of its victims.

Villagers ran to the directing of Kinan and Ness afraid and greatful for their protection. Someone recalled that they had taken refuge in the caverns of the Al-Kahtar beneath the village. The entrance through a door in the Kazekage's kitchen.

kurotachi walks in and sees the chaos happening "...damn"

Genin Kinan makes a few clones and they lead the villagers and Ness to the refuge they spoke of. After they had left she then drew her bow and attached various exposive tags to her arrows as she shot them at the groups of insects that neared toward CJ.

kurotachi takes out his sythe and throws it like a boomerang getting a few bugs

Chuunin Hito walks around, glancing at the different bugs floating in the air. Hito curiously ponders as he watches people panic.

kurotachi jumps on a few building killing the insects in his way

AkamaruUchiha wakes up due to his curse mark spreading

kurotachi sighs killing more bugs

Chuunin Sadness continues to hide, looking through one of the many broken or completely destoryed buildings windows...why is this happening?

kurotachi makes hand seals "ok then ninpou:barrier" creats a barrier around the people who havent found cover

AkamaruUchiha taking his katanas he ignites them running all over swinging at the diffrent swarms of the bugs so that if one is hit 97% will be consumed in flames.

The malevolent chakra protected Dark from the brunt of the onton, as he rose into the clouds, disappearing from sight. Simultaneously, the insects broke away, attempting to get free to head off towards the direction of Otogakure. It seemed as though the attack ended as quickly as it had come, slight damage to the streets or buildings, some fires still burned.

CJoftheDesert grimacing as the swarm approaches him he sinks his foot into the sand below him and a dome quickly forms around him to keep out the swarm. Sighing deeply he concentrates on keeping the dome above the village, breaking out in a light sweat

kurotachi sighs knowing the barrier will only last for 3 hours and kills alot more bug "this is endless..."

RaijintheLightning appears in a small flurry of sand, " What is going on? "

Tai begins to hum. She is worn out from the delivery of her child, and in her home, she sits in the rocking chair, the child in her arms. As her voice fills the house, her chakra is let loose upon the air. She sings a blessing upon her home

TheTaijutsuShadow hoshuahoo walks over to a wall to know his arm back into place, "darn it. well it seems nothing now."

Chuunin Hito could do almost nothing about the fires left from the attack, being away left him unable to help in a solid defense.

kurotachi sighs and looks in random direction and sees a hole with bugs spewing out "...oh hell no"

Chuunin Sadness quietly walks out of the building, looking at all the damage.

Genin Kinan sighes and leans against a wall as she withdrew her bow, she was happy the fight was over

AkamaruUchiha looks at the fires and extends scout which sucks them in he then falls down in pain his arms appearing to be burnt

CJoftheDesert " Me.." Closing his left eye, grains of sand outside the dome swirled together forming an eye connected to his optic nerve. Looking around he noticed everyone seeming to stand down. Thinkinig the atttack was over he sighs, the dome around him slowly sinks and he very slowly lowers his arms, carefully lowering the dome over the village. Being careful not to cause more damage and return the sand carefully it takes several minutes before he drops his arms and drops to a knee.

kurotachi sighs really hoping he imagining thing and looks again seeing the same thing "...sonova-"

Yoshiki's swarm of bees, diminished in the battle with the interlopers, returned to the hive in the Kazekage's garden. This new memory would be added to the genetic memory of the bees making the next generation stronger than this one in an unending cycle.

TheTaijutsuShadow hoshuahoo retrives a large fu ka hoin scroll opening it he draws the fires in suna into it sealing them away befor sagging to the groundneeding some rest

kurotachi walks past everything going to the void and looks in it"........"

RaijintheLightning sighs and walks up to Akamaru, " Let me see your arms. "

Chuunin Sadness quietly walks over to cj, offering him her healing services.

kurotachi sits down sighing

Genin Kinan seeing Ness she walks over, hoping she wasnt harmed as well, going over to CJ as well

AkamaruUchiha hold them out
kurotachi makes one more set of handseals and closes the hole with a floor made of earth

CJoftheDesert slowly stands up, waving Ness away as the curse seal slowly recedes.

Chuunin Sadness sighs, turning back around.

kurotachi falls back blood coming from the side of his mouth

RaijintheLightning places his hands next to them and they glow purple for a moment before the discoloration leaves and the cracks in the skin heal.

Genin Kinan goes to Ness and makes sure shes okay

AkamaruUchiha sighs Thanks he sheaths his swords and approaches CJ

Chuunin Sadness nods. "I'm fine." sits down on what remains of a bench.

kurotachi walks to a bench and sits on it with it halfway destroyed

SunaSlacker CJoftheDesert looks around at the damage quietly.

TheTaijutsuShadow hoshuahoo heads off to rest

RaijintheLightning walks down a side alley and into his clinic, which is fairly unscathed due to its reinforcements and distance from the scene.

CJoftheDesert sighs deeply wishing Moenkopi were here, and feeling tired beyond reason. Taking a deep breath, he pushes these feelings below the surface and begins helping the villagers recover from the attack.

RaijintheLightning leaves his door open and moves to a cabinet, organizing his emergency supplies. He finishes setting things up and walks out, closing it behind him. He moves into the village and looks about He looks at Ness, " You are welcome to take him to my clinic to rest.. There are beds there. "

Chuunin Sadness "Ok, thanks."bows to Rai then goes into the clinic, laying kuro down in one of the beds.

Chuunin Hito takes time to balance his mind,spirit and body, to achieve a sort of oneness with everything around him. Hito breathes slowly as he sits still.

kurotachi twitches in slight pain and closes his eyes falling asleep
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August 24, 2010

A Chance Meeting by the Fireplace:

Desert Dweller KayentaMoenkopi, wandering the realm tonight, seeks out those to consult concerning the meaning of the full Blood Red Moon that has occurred. She had not seen one since her childhood, and if memory served her right, those had been days full of strife. She recalled bits pieces of an old nursery rhyme from her youth. "Under the light of the red moon, binary solarus's fruit is bore and chaos walks the land once more." Worry etched her brow hoping those days were not upon them once more. During her travels, word came concerning the attack upon Suna.  She stopped by the ramen shop in Ninja Central and sat by the fire to rest before continuing her joureny home. As fate would have it, Dark Shinobi entered the area by the fireplace and had asked to join her table.

Moenkopi  Turns as sees Dark and smiles, "Please, It is a bit lonely here tonight."

Hokage Daikō Darkshinobi smiled. The shinobi pulled the chair opposing Kayenta-sama out and sat, stretching. After a moment, he spoke, "I've been dabbling in SK affairs all day before the meeting; might I ask how fare Suna? I heard of some sort of prophecy..."

The features of her face turned grave. "Yes. I had gone about the realm seeking those who might shed light upon the prophecy when the attack came upon my village." She signals the waitress to bring her water thinking this will be a long talk. Her throat is parched from speaking all day as it is. She resumes her dialogue, "The Prophecy spoke of a great time of Chaos. I feel this warrior DarkKnight who came upon the Sand is only the first of many manifestation of the chaos that will come." The waitress set the water down and returned to her other duties.

The name DarkKnight rang in Darkshinobi's mind. He knew the name, as Dark had once hired him to protect Sunagakure, during the war against the sound. Now, it seemed, he was working for something else? That was another matter entirely...The shinobi sat, thinking, for some moments, before a single insect, landing on the nape of his neck, awoke him from his thoughts. He slapped the insect, looking at the palm of his hand, before blinking rapidly, having never seen such a specimen before. At any rate, Dark spoke to the Kazekage, his mind on earlier events, "Chaos...Then, perhaps, we should protect ourselves accordingly. Earlier, I released a fuuin technique around the kingdom itself, it will hopefully protect from outside invasions. We attempted to add a further fuuin technique around the village, but the caster, the Tsuchikage Arron, seemingly exploded. That he is dead, I do not believe. However..." The teenager lowered his voice to a whisper, leaning in towards Kayenta-sama, "Arron is like myself, I saw the seal. I have a horrible feeling about that..." This feeling of foreboding that was connected to Arron and whatever Bijuu he beheld, did it tie in to this upcoming "Chaos?"

Froid Chevalier Xyshuryn walks slowly towards the fireplace, he'd come from behind Kaye, pausing exactly 3 steps behind and one to the left, his duty being done.

Moenkopi smiled feeling the presence of her brother and Chevalier falling in behind her. She reached to take the glass of water in her hands as she listened and spilled a bit upon hearing of the death of Arron. For one of the desert to be so careless of life's precious fluid was testimony to the disturbance inside over the news. Setting the glass down she gripped the table and said in disbelief, "Dead? How can this be? Was some force fighting you during the sealing process?"

Xyshuryn has the feeling that all of this... is extremely beyond him.

Darkshinobi shook his head, "None that I know of. That's the confusing thing. I have no clue what could have caused him to explode."

Despite her attentiveness to Dark, she turned to Shu and quickly requested, "Brother. Please notify those in the clan halls of this occurrence and that I shall return before the night is through bearing further word."

Xyshuryn nods his head, moving out silently.

Watching Xyshuryn leave, the shinobi yawned, taking a glass of water. It had truly been a tiresome day, and Dark suspected it was worse still on Kayenta's end.

Watching her brother leave, she sipped the water and quenched her thirst until the glass was empty. All the while she was thinking but found she was too stifled by these closed environs to be very effective. Setting her glass down she inquired, "Will you walk with me Dark? I feel the need to move about to gather my bearings." Arron dead? She could not quite come to grips with that one just yet.

Smiling slightly, the teenager nodded, "I understand. It is a pleasent morning as well." He slowly stood up, placing on the table a slight tip for the waitress, he pushed his chair in, waiting for the Kazekage.

Placing a tip upon the table, she too rose and pushed her chair in before leaving the confines of the room.

~ In the streets of Ninaj Central

Walking from Ichiraku's Ramen shop, having just been in discussion about the fireplace, Moenkopi breaths in the fresh air of the streets while she gathers her thoughts.

Darkshinobi was but a step behind the Kayenta-sama; he too seemed lost in thought. The cool morning air, despite what he had said a minute ago, did little to help. The Tsuchikage was one Dark had deemed more powerful than himself, why would he explode?

Moenkopi tucked a loose strand of hair behind her left ear and looked to Dark. "So tell me then, despite the loss of Arron..." her words sounded much cooler over this than the reality of distress ongoing within her, "...was the sealing around the Kingdom a success?" She felt great concern for that idealistic realm. It must never fade.

The shinobi, continuing to walk right next to the Dweller of Deserts, seemed distracted by something. It took him a minute, but he shrugged, "The first seal did, yes, but the second seal hasn't. I wasted the most of my chakra on a combination of shadow clones and the first seal, and am scared to use it's chakra...So, the second seal remains unapplied, as my chakra's too low. I shall do it upon restoring chakra." How did he explode?

She shook her head in concern, "Were there no others to channel their chakra into you?"

Kisei Hone Ueki Shinomaru soars over the skies of the city looking down upon the many villagers.

From Dark's silence, she knew that she should not press him further until he was able to go on. Gazing up into the sky, she sighed trying to come to terms with this as well. That was when she spied Shino in the skies. She waved her hand beckoning.

Instantly he appears beside the woman that waved at him. "Good evening Ms. Moenkopi."

Turning to Shino she smiled, yet such was tinged with her grief. "I am so glad to see you Shino. I am afraid things have taken a turn for the worse. Will you walk with us while I explain?" She hoped this would give Dark time to recover his composure.

Kisei Hone Ueki Shinomaru gives a slight nod he begins to walk beside his long time friend. "Of course."

Moving up the street she begins a long tail with first, a question. "Did you see the Blood Red Moon last night Shino, feel a slight earthquake, or experience any strangeness in the night?"

Shinomaru his head shakes for a few seconds. "Sorry I did not. My life is naturally strange, I sleep floating to help build chakra control and I was inside most of the night. What happened?"

Tucking her hands into the folds of her voluminous sleeves, she continues with the tale. "The Gypsy spoke a prophecy to Tai a few weeks ago and it was reminiscent of an old nursery rhyme I recalled from my childhood...when the fruit of binary solarus is bore, chaos will walk the realm once more... last night the full moon was red. There was a minor earthquake that hit Suna. Just rattled dishes and such, nothing big. But today a warrior who once fought to protect Suna during the three day's war with Otogakure turned on us. I was away trying to seek knowledge of the signs foretold. But it was reported to me that he came into the village surrounded by a mass of flying insects that somehow have the power to absorb the life force of living things. The warriors in the village were able to cause DarkKnight, for that is his name, to retreat. Meanwhile, that earthquake kicked up a tsunami off Suna's southern coast and it went straight for the Kingdom. The warriors employed Fuuton to drive it away. And just today, Dark and Arron, perhaps others, were trying to erect a seal about the Kingdom to protect it during this time of chaos. The first seal was a success, but during the process of the second Arron, the Tsuchikage exploded." She paused in her steps and sighed rubbing the back of her neck.

Shinomaru blinks as he tries to ingest everything that was just told to him. "Holy hell...what can I do to help?"

Moenkopi looked to him with a gleam in her eyes. "Although I feel this is only the first of events we will have to face during this time of chaos, I find it fortunate that I know someone who is well versed in the use of insects."

Shinomaru smiles as he looks into the womans eyes. "Let me know anyway I can help. My bugs will be glad to help out the Kingdom."

The Kaze nods her thanks. "My son Yoshiki, before he died, he kept bees and bred them in the gardens of my cliff dwelling; I should have liked to have apprenticed him to you..." She shakes her head and continues, "The hives still exist there. I tend them and harvest the honey and wax. I am told they rose as though under some primeal urge to protect the village. I would have you speak to them to see what they were able to learn. It would at least be a good place to start in preparing for the battle that is to come. I think you are our best hope in this matter Shino. If there is anyway to reclaim DarkKnight from this taint..."

Darkshinobi had truly slipped his composure for a moment, as he remembered that, somehow, Daichi and Tai had heard his call. It made him think that, perhaps, they truly could get through this working together, for Dark surely would have died coursing his chakra into the seal. He nodded silently, "Tai was there, but she did something...and I believe she was nearly drained after that as well. Beyond that, no. None that would work right..." Dark raised his right palm and, in front of both Kay and Shinomaru-san, the insect dark had earlier swatted, a strange specimen the likes of which Dark had never seen before, came to life, breaking dizzily away from his hand. Where it had laid on Dark's hand, there was an even paler spot, as though it had sucked life from his hand. Dark cried out in surprise as the insect rose into the sky.

Hyūga 神話 Twitch sighs, feeling a bit upset he missed the conference.

Shinomaru's hand raised as well to Dark before he turned to speak to the woman once more. "Ahh I see, of course I can do that. Just lead me to the hive, Hopefully I can shed some light onto this horrible situation." After finishing his sentance he instantly vanished. Within the blink of an eye he was standing in the same place as if he had never moved. Though this time there was a small jar in his right hand with a floating bug in it. "I would love to study you my friend. Bet I can learn a ton of things." The Aburame's lips curved into a grin as he gazed down at the small insect.

Spying Twitch, she wonders if he experienced anything odd last night during the red moon. She looks to Dark and asks, noting with pleasure that Shino now has a specimine to study, "And Daichi and Tai? Are they unharmed?"

Darkshinobi smiles in relief as Shinomaru-san caught the strange insect. He rubs his palm absentmindedly, and the color slowly returned.

Twitch just finished reading the conference, and is very much pleased. He looks to Kayenta and grins maliciously before looking to Dark, "Thank you."

Shinomaru turns to the man that the insect seemed to attack. "I will need to speak to you when you are ready. I must know what you were doing before you were stung, what did you feel as it happened and what you felt as you awoke."

Blinking at the malicious grin, a bit of the trickster in her emerges and she tosses an orange at him, "You look a bit deficient in vitamins Twitch. You should mind that as it is summer cold season."

Twitch smiles a bit, snatching the orange from the air. He rubs it on his arm as to brush off any dust particles from the air, "Quite generous of you."

Turning back to her companions she says, "I need to return and check upon my village. I should like to spread the word though, Dark. Can you let those in Konoha know what is going on? I think Tommi should be warned." She  couldnot stay for she felt she had been overly long from her homeland. Smiling to Twitch on the way out, she replied, "I think we all will need our strength in the days to come. Please let your village know what you have heard here today so they may make preparations."

Darkshinobi turns to Shinomaru-san and spoke quietly, "I was merely thinking about my friends. I felt a slight numbness spreading from the back of my neck, and, upon placing my hand there, felt that..."

Twitch smiles, waving to Kayenta. He speaks to Dark, "I must be going as well, I will keep you updated on any information that will be useful."

Hokage Daikō Darkshinobi nods in thanks to Twitch-san. He will, of course, let Konoha know.

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In Search of the Pack:

Since the rising of the Blood Red Moon, Mariko had lost all contact with her wolf pack. The mental images through which they conversed had ceased after one horrifying image was made blindingly clear to her mind's eye. Years of research into antiquites, her legitimate business, had given her the knowledge to recognize this for what it was. Unable to reestablish contact with the pack, she determined to set out for the last known location in hopes of learning what had befallen them.

Emerald Flame TakahashiMariko was at a cross roads. She knew to venture out into the western wastelands would spell death for one who wandered alone.

Chuunin Yamamoto felt something was coming but what? Maybe he should ask someone, or hope that the spirits would tell him more.

Fighting Dreamer Moonfire shook his head and then poked Hitos head smilling. "Oh right and of course many innocent people will die then, be carefull for what you wish Hito...but somehow I fear that this could happen" Silver said and suddenly he looked around, he felt the presence of someone familar.

Chuunin Hito smiles brightly, "The worst that could happen is that we all die."

Yamamoto slowly walks through Suna and stops behind Hito grinning as he hears his snetence "Oh I wouldn't mind I would still be able to talk to you then...oh yeah...hi"

Walking back toward the crowd, her mind made up, she asked of them. "I need a team for a dangerous mission. Who among you is available?"

Yamamoto would raise his hand but stay silent.

Moonfire looks at Mariko "A mission? I think that is just what I need! And you Hito?"

Hito quickly salutes Mariko, "I'm up for anything." He said before nodding to Yamamoto. "See not that bad."

Mariko Nods her head thinking a four man cell would be adequate. More would be cumbersome. "Very well then. Gather your desert gear and meet me at the gates." She walked toward the exit of the village to wait.

Yamamoto would simply follow, he already had what he needed, he just came from Konoha. Silently he wonderd what would happen but he was sure that the spirits would lead him again and that everything would be fine.

Hito carrying most of his things on him, goes back to grab a scroll which he puts in his vest, just incase. He then moves out to the gates.

Moonfire nods at Mariko and vanished with a whirl of silver flames, weird were few flames slightly bloodred? Silver would appear at home and gather all he needed, medic kits and his weapons after that he would head towards the gate.

Once the men were assembles she said, "We will have to cross the sand seas first off, and head west. I will brief you as we go."

Chuunin Hito moves out.

Chuunin Yamamoto would nod and then head to the sand field.

Moonfire moves out as well.

Entering the sand seas, she turned her face toward the western wastelands. In the company of the warriors they would seek out the taint that has been nagging upon her mind.

Moonfire would also enter the sand seas and then look at Mariko,why a mission and why out of sudden now, he wonderd but he wasn't asking. He hoped that she would reveal it soon on her own.

Hito seemed to bristle with some sort of hidden energy, his steps were light and his posture straight.

The black haired ninja would place a hand onto the hilt of his katana, it was an old rusty one but would serve him well. For him it was a tool the strentgh came out of himself. Yamamoto's eyes would wander over the sand seas as he remained quiet.

Moving in even strides across the land, she began to brief the men. "I have lost contact with the pack since the onset of the Blood Red Moon. The last image I received from them was a symbol that has given me great unrest. It is one that was used by the Blood Speakers of long ago. This sect, or more aptly named, cult, was wiped out ages ago. To see this image now in our time cannot be a coincidence. Are any of you familiar with this cult?"

Moonfire would raise an eyebrow as he was listening to Mariko, but this all sounded not familiar so he shook his head. "I fear I am too young, I never heard of this cult. But why are you so worried? Do you think they could be back and try to..." He paused for a moment. Remembering the picture he drew, he would show it later to them. "Do you think they could summon something?"

Hito walks thinking quietly, "Lunar Eclipses and harvest moons can produce 'Red moons' which often attract all kinds of rituals. However this is definitely something different. I wouldn't be surprised if someone was up to forbidden things. I've been sensing a force rising, It calls out, I can feel it...but I don't know."

Yamamoto would seem slightly distracted by something but then he spoke, his voice low, due the lack of using it. "I know nothing about the cult but I agree with Hito, something is calling out. The souls around us...are uneasy lately many seeked my presence." The black haired shinobi would pause to rub his neck, his throat felt dry. "I know nothing about the cult but maybe the spirits can tell me...maybe they can help us before something terrible surprises us."

Listening to the men, she wondered at how the fates had seemed to gather such a team together. It seemed that each would have knowledge of one kind or another that would see them through the end of the mission. She hoped it would be safely. "Summoning is a specialty of the Blood Speakers. I am sure it is no surprise to you, due to their name, that they do this through killing and sacrifice. They use what is called Maho to tap into the sixth element; chaos." She led them through the dune fields until such time as the western wastes lay open before them.

Moonfire looks over the western wastes and nodded silently to the woman. "I think I already don't like them," Silver said biting his lower lip. "...Could it be that you fear that your pack became one of the bloodspeaker sacrafices?"

Hito quietly listened, while his chakra field expanded a little, it started to reach out and touch everything, looking for any traps or spies.

Yamamoto would stays cautions while walking, somehow he had the feeling that, if the bloodseekers needed a sacrifice, then they would need a special one, maybe a person who was born in a special night? Yamamoto sighed but kept quiet for now.

The wastelands were some of the most dangerous lands surrounding Suna. And as such, it had become a no man's land. Extending her arm toward the expanse before her she said, "Keep your whits about you. There is much in this land that you cannot trust upon sight." Stepping forward, she moved toward the trace of the last contact the pack had left upon her mind. She had hoped that the further west they moved she would begin to pick up their voices again; as yet they remained as silent and absent as before.

Moonfire would gather Fuuton Chakra in both his arms, just in case. He would use it for a Jutsu Daichi had shown him, should he need it. Slowly he followed Mariko and asked "Why this mission? Why exactly I mean..."

Hito would close his eyes as he walked to focus more.

Yamamoto channels chakra in his blade. He was ready to use it and togeter with his technique he was even able to slice through steel if needed.

As she reached out to the pack, she began to feel a nausea well up inside her. A haze began to fill her mind and she had to close off herself before it could consume her senses. She needed to remain sharp. Unfortunately, out here she would have to use her main senses for fear that opening her mind up in this wasteland would make her prime for possession. The land about them looked as though it had been blasted by some fierce fire. Everything about them was dead, no plant life, no birds in the sky, no insects or animals upon the land. It was as if life had ceased to exist here at all. Yet, in the distance her ears picked up the sound of a mournful shriek. Without signaling to the warriors, she veered off toward the east and the source of this cry.

Moonfire would react quickly and channeld Fuuton Chakra into his legs, now using his high speed movement jutsu. This Windbased Jutsu would speed his movements up to a level where he nearly looked like a blurr. Silver would swiftly follow Mariko.

Hito would quietly continue to follow, he had heard the cry and was curious as to what it could have been. Silently, but swiftly he would follow.

Yamamoto did a swift movement with his free hand and the spirits which were always dancing around him would fly to the source of the cry, only few stayed around him, ready to warn Yamamoto. The spirits were guiding and protecting him since he was born and he would always trust them. Now he tried to keep up with the group.

A ridgeline could be seen in the distance. her eyes latched onto it like one starved. Such was the unchanging bleakness of the wastelands and unchanging landscape that the sight of the higher ground drew her eyes immediately. The ground in the area seemed to have small cracks in the surface that increased in depth and width the closer to the ridge they drew. Suddenly gnarled roots shot up from the ground trying to entangle the travelers. Large thorns covered the vines which grew thicker as they snaked about seeking their flesh.

Seeing the vines, Silver would punch the ground with his left fist, the punch strentghend by the Fuukana. The punch would make a small crater and launch Silver into the air where he would swiftly do handsigns.

Hito would seem to let himself get entangled before he pulled his body together, he would then unlease a wave of chakra around him that was like millions of tiny cutting blades that would slice everything touching his body into shreads.

Yamamoto would smirk. He was the last one but was warned by the spirits and so he was able to cut through the vines and get into an defensive stance. "Where to go!? Let's slice through this!"

Across the land between the travelers, the vines grew into a huge entangled hedge of thorns and brambles. From time to time odd fruits could be seen amid the vines growing and taking on size. Such a foul stench filled the air that Mariko spat upon the ground to clear her mouth of its taste. The fruit were dark and sickly looking, and the ones who grew toward ripeness seemed to have something stirring inside struggling to get out. Mariko lept into the air and drew her Katana. As she came back to ground, she began to slice at the vines about her severing the growth before it could take hold of her. "Head toward the ridge. This barrier seeks to keep us out!" Slashing about, she began to cut a forward tunnel through the massive wall of thorns. Once she had cleared an area about her, she leveled her sword toward the ridge. The blade flared to life with Emerald Flame all along its length.

Moonfire, still in midair, would finish his seals and breath in deeply .Silver mixed his breath with chakra and spat a giant fireball at the vines. Right after that he would flash more handseals and whisper "Fuuken" It seemed like nothing happened but blades suddenly came out of his gloves and a violent wind whirled around the blades, the wind would extend with every slash or stab and double the range and it would be as sharp as the metal itself. With a nod Silver would do as Mariko told them and slice himself a path through the attacking vines.

Hito would run quickly, he pondered using a jutsu to assist him, but in following Mariko and Silver, it seemed unnecessary. He would quickly shadow the two silently.

Yamamoto sliced through few more vines and quickly followed the rest. But still he was very cautiious and so he gathered the spirits around him and thanked them silently for helping him.

Soon they were deep within the tunnel of vines. The cry that had originally drew her attention had not sounded again. But the fruit upon the brambles had reached maturity and from within each strange creatures began to emerge. She hissed to see them. Twisted mockery of tiny men with over sized heads, each full of a mouth of venomous teeth. She had no name to call them never having seen their like before. Three dropped down into the tunnel before her as others began to converge upon the group. Leaping forward, her blade sliced into the skull of one as she prepared to swing round to kill the other two.

Seeing new enemies he started to grin. The warrior inside him took over and Silver stabbed one beast through the eyes, killing it, after that he would attack the next attacking beast. It seemed like he was enjoying it.

Hito quickly formed hand seals and focused his chakra around him. Wires would sliver out and wrap around the hilts of his swords, effectivly giving him 2 extra arms to fight with. Hito spun quickly as the movement caused a buzzsaw like technique that kept the blades swinging and jabbing around him, he just had to focus.

Yamamoto grinning widely and feeling alive he sliced through vines and enemies. Yamamoto's bright grey eyes glowed and he spit silver flames on his blade to increase the damage he made. Blood landed on his face but he only licked it away. Now he was alive.

The bodies of the other two creatures were similarly dispatched allowing her time to dart forward once more. From the corner of her eye she saw the team was progressing fairly well thus far. No longer was she doubtful of the decision to come here in their company. It would have been suicide to have ventured here on her own. Onward she battled, setting the vines ablaze with her blade and killing the vile creatures until she came to the end of the thicket. Here she skidded to a halt for she had nearly rushed out over the edge of a great rift in the land.

Silver glared with murderous intent at Yamamoto, he knew that Yamamoto risked a lot by using the flame and he hated that. But Silver forced himself to focus on the creatures and killed another one, but not without getting wounded by the vile being. Silver would look at the deep claw wound on his arm but then continue on and run through the tunnel just to stop beside Mariko. His arm was hurting but he ignored it for now, he would tend to it when he had time.

Hito obviously would bring up the rear, in a way he was covering them, The two swords were gray with somewhat purple runes down the center.

Yamamoto had stopped breathing for a second as he saw Silver's glare, as he had never seen his former little brother glare at him like that. Yamamoto quickly let the flame die out and killed more enemies with his sword and his bare hands! Then he noticed Hito's two blades and smirked "They are new aren't they? Why do I think that I knew one of them but in another form?"

The creatures chittered behind her. She knew she could not hesitate or their numbers would over whelm them. But how to cross this chasm before them? Sheathing her sword, its flame extinguishing as she did, Mariko reached for her rope and quickly tied it through the eyehole of a kunai. Arching her arm back, she threw the kunai across the chasm toward a large tree upon the other side. Forming kata, she created a wind tunnel for the kunai to travel within and guided its flight with great speed. The kunai struck the tree with such force, that it buried itself into the trunk of the tree. "Silver. Find someway to secure this end," she called out after the kunai hit its mark. Her eyes were upon their back trail, vines thrashing about as the creatures sped toward them.

Moonfire answered, "Secure it! Got it." He took the rope and looked for anything safe but he doubted that the nature here was safe so he called for Yamamoto "YAMAMOTO! I need your Doton Jutsus! Hurry up with the garden work!"

Hito would have the wires sheathe the swords, "Well it's possible Yamamoto." He smirked slightly and watched the tunnel, his hands slowly falling into one hand seal, a jutsu he wasn't sure if he should use.

Yamamoto smirked at Hito's words and then dashed through the tunnel after he heard Silver's call. Seeing the rope he flashed handseals for a Jutsu and punched the ground. "Doton: Doroku Gaeshi!" Yamamoto yelled and a pillar shot out of the earth. He then wrapped the rope around the pillar and used another Jutsu, which made the rock wrap around the rope itself. "This is safe!"

Not a moment too soon. Mariko leaped up onto the rope, forcing chakra into her feet, and began to run for the other side. To place as much distance between the team and the creatures was her goal.

Moonfire waited for a while before stepping on it. After that Silver forced chakra into his feet and sprinted over the rope as fast as he could.

Hito says, "Can't use jutsu my foot." He mutters before stepping in the rope and using his chakra to slide across it quickly.

Yamamoto hates the situation right now. He starred at the rope, then at the creatures. Actually he decided that he preferred the creatures over the rope, but the spirits pushed him over the rope, it would look like an invisible force was pushing him. Cursing under his breath Yamamoto would jump onto the rope and slide over it aswell. While doing so he closed his eyes.

The creatures, being sprung from the vine, could cling and twine themselves about the rope and did not hesitate to do so. Several sprang forward and were nearly halfway across before Yamamoto reached the far side. Drawing a shuriken from her tool pouch and threw it to sever the rope in the tree. Watching as the creatures fell into the gulf below she said, "We should spread out and see if we can find something. I know not what. Someplace that these Bloodspeakers might hold up."

Moonfire slowly nods "Yeah but I think we should form teams just incase. I am not in the mood to run in such a horde again...well not alone it is."

Hito thought the same thing as Silver, "Agreed. Though we can cover more ground by splitting up, we fight less effectively... For optimum fighting abilities I would recommend a formation with one jutsu user, and one close ranger fighter for each team."

Yamamoto nods and points at his sword. "I prefer close range my jutsus are only good for the defense...and the reverses are low..." Yamamoto said with low monotone voice, looking at the rest.

The plan was a good one. Mariko spoke up and said, "Yamamoto and I will then travel to the south along the ridge, while Hito and Silver take to the north. Be careful not to alert anyone. If we do find this cult, I feel the four of us will not be able to take them on alone. Certainly not now that we split up. Meet back here in an hour regardless."

Moonfire would nod at Mariko and then look at Hito. "Any ideas where to go and any ideas how to fight if we have to?" Silver asked as he walked closer to Hito.

Hito would think quietly for a moment and quietly started to move north as asked to do, "For now, let's just keep our eyes open. It's become recon, so stealth is advised. We should avoid all engagements."

Yamamoto started to walk to the south looking over his shoulder and checking if Mariko was coming. "I hope I can soon do something...the blade is thirsty again" Yamamoto mutterd quietly

Trusting that each team would be safe in this uncertain land, Mariko trailed along behind Yamamoto without a backward glance. His words about the thirst of his sword concerned her though. Was he in the possession of a blade that had a will of its own? She sincerely hoped that he had mastery over his weapon. Along the trail to the north and south, one could see hollows that cut back into the ridge. Still the land held very little growth. Such trees that were left were as the one that held the kunai, dead and hardened over time.
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Moonfire looked around always ready to fight if needed, but for now he looked at the hollows wondering if they ment something. "Do you think these hollows could be important?"

Hito looked at silver and pushed his chakra field out a bit, to increase it's scanning capability. "Let's hope that they aren't for now. But keep your eyes sharp."

Yamamoto grips his katana harder and looked at the hollows. Could they mean something? Yamamoto looked at Mariko and simply pointed at the hollows. "I would say let's take a simple look"

Nodding her head, Mariko scented the wind. A faint odor washed down over her and she sneezed, "Lead the way, Yamamoto. I will bring up the rear."

Moonfire nods to Hito and then walks a bit closer before creating a Katon Bunshin which jumped into the Hollow. "Let's see..."

Hito readied himself carefully with a light sigh as he watched Silver's clone investigate the hollow.

Yamamoto would simply jump into the hollow and investigate it. Usually he used clones but right now he wanted to fight. Like he said before the blade was thirsty and he referred himself as the blade.

As time wore on, the searching teams would travel along the hollow and elsewhere. Mariko's team met up with Silver's bunshin before the entrance to a large cave. It seemed the hollows doubled back toward each other and were one in the same. Mariko had never smelled such an overwhelming wealth of blood. She clutched Yamamoto's arm without thinking and said, "This must be the place. So much blood...I feel it even in the air."

The bunshin would look at the entrance and listen to the words of Mariko. After that it would disperse. Silver blinked at the new information and jumped down "Come Hito seems like we found something!"

Hito wasn't far behind in approching Silver, "You probably found what I've been sensing."

Yamamoto had to force himself to not run into the cave. But thankfully Mariko was holding his arm. This confused him, after he noticed it but he smiled gently at her asking "Could you please not touch me, and thanks." After that the swordfighter would look back into the deep depths of darkness, the smell of blood just let his own boil and he grinned murderous.

Normally Mariko would have chided someone for being so rude to her. His words barely entered her mind at all. Moving forward into the cave, she gestured for the others to fan out. As she walked inside the cave, she could see torches lit upon the walls. The floor seemed to be wet, slickened by some fluid. She identified it as blood without even trying. It was as though she was being drawn forward and walked under another's volition. The sight that would greet her was one that would take years to eradicate from her conscious mind. In a small chamber, tunnels leading off in 3 separate directions at the back, stood a macabre sight. Great stakes of wood were shoved into the ground upon which two stakes were nailed in an X fashion. Each stake stood side by side and upon the X of each was hung a great Gray wolf. Mariko's eyes flared with a green fire to see them there for they were her own. The first born of 12. Yapper hung on the left, his voice stilled forever from the great rents in his flesh. The one on the right was Azeta and the mirror image of her mother save that life had been stolen from her as well. Mariko's voice came out soft and stilted. "Help me cut them down and take them back to Suna. We have found what we sought. The Kaze needs to know of what we found and we of what shall be done."

Moonfire had followed Mariko, but he had hestiated for a very long moment, the smell, the sight of so much blood made him feel sick. But he shoved the feelings aside and followed. He once more had an emotionless face but he starred in shock at the wolves. What had happed!? Who had done this to them!? Anger flared up and Silver nodded and already tried to cut one down. Silver couldn't stand the sight. "We have to find out what happend!"

Hito would nod, signalling for Yamamoto to assist him. Hito would take the his time, but be very careful to not desecrate them any further. He wasn't worried about the bodies, he was worried about what they'd been used for.

Yamamoto sheated his katana at the sight infront of him. "I wonder what happend" He whisperd as he went to a wolf, stroking the fur gently. And then he looked up, he was looking at something "they are still here..." Yamamoto said as he shortly glanced to Hito, waiting. If Hito needed help then he had to say it to him. Yamamoto hoped that Hito would know that.

Mariko turned her eyes upon the ground and noted the arcane symbols all about the stakes. Something, two somethings, had more than likely been summoned. The pattern matched those of ritual summoning she had read about while researching artifacts. Yamamoto's voice drew her attention. She asked, "May you find out what happened to the rest of the pack?" Where the strength came to keep it together, she hadn't a clue.

Moonfire listened silently and laid one wolf carefully on the ground. Silver was slightly worried and looked over to Hito and Yamamoto.

Hito would gently lay the pack members in front of Mariko, he bowed his deepest bow to her. It was his way of saying he was sorry for her loss.

Yamamoto spoke. "I won't force them to speak...but if they want to tell us, and I think that is the reaon why they are still here, then they will give us at least a hint." Yamamoto said before bowing infront of the wolves and Mariko, he then looked around, his eyes seemed to stare into the distant, but he could clearly see the souls of the wolves. "I'll try my best.." He whisperd before starting to ask the souls, his voice was a mere whisper and it remined one of the sound of a soft breeze, this was Yamamoto's way to speak with spirits. He asked them respectfully what happend and what their last wish was. The young Shinobi might be a killer but also one who fullfilled the wishes of the souls.

Moving toward her two children, Mariko returned Hito's bow before kneeling between them. She stroked the head of each in turn awaiting Yamamoto's words.

Moonfire would stroke the fur of one wolf. silver was sad that they were too late and remember the words he had said at the beginning. He gulped and somehow forced himself to speak " sorry..."
Yamamoto closed his eyes for a moment as he was imagining what had happend to them. A silent tear suddnely ran down his face. The stories never touched him like this before. As he spoke to Mariko, his voice was calm but anger lingered in it. "...A living being nor a soul should be tormented like this." Yamamoto said as he tried to calm down. "They hoped that you would come in time but...Mariko...they also want you warn you. Something terrible was summoned but it is not the worst. He paused for a moment catching his breath "Worst has still to come.These men...who had this sign w hich was shown to you...they are seeking for the right sacrafice...untill then they will summon servants...they don't know where the rest of the pack is,they might be dead...they might be alive...But one thing is clear. This zone is dangerous, we have to return later Mariko ..."

His words cut her more than the vision of death before her. She had no need, however, to give her children any last words. No words would say better in death than their joined minds had shared during life. These two knew all there was inside her and would carry that with them into the next world. She rose stiffly to her feet. "Then let us make haste. We should return home at once."

Moonfire slowly lifts one wolf up and nods."Yeah let's return home before I am driven insane by this place" Silver mutterd quietly.

"Returning home with you...That is their last wish" Yamamoto said with gentle voice and smile as he lifted one up. "Let's go ...before I loose it and run around looking for those who did that"

With a reserve of will power alone, Mariko led the men who bore the bodies of her slain children in their arms. Out of the cavern they traced, down the hollow, and to the edge of the ravine. This time she would expend her chakra to bring them back to Suna. She beckoned for them to stand near to her and formed kata. A giant whirlwind formed about the four of them, and so around the two slain wolves as well. Picking them up, it carried them to the outskirts of Suna's great walls and before the cleft that cut between them. Dispelling the winds, she proceeded to lead the men back into the village. Walking through the great cleft in the walls that surrounded the village, Mariko walked before Silver and Yamamoto who each bore the body of a dead gray wolf in their arms. Hito brought up the rear.

Moonfire would slowly follow and tried to forget the smell of the blood. From time to time he looked from the dead wolf to Mariko and then back to the wolf, he wonderd how she felt. But he would never ask, for this would be rude.

Yamamoto follows, while carrying the dead wolf. He held it respectfully and his face was stern but deep inside his body, a fire was burning, he wanted to let the persons who did that pay.

Hito quietly entered Suna, deep in thought.

Mariko, her face was etched with great grief as she led the men to her home. She stood at the door to her house and opened it. "Please place Yapper and Azeta upon my kitchen table. Lay them side by side please."

Moonfire would nod and place the body onto the table.

Yamamoto gently lays the gray wolf beside the other one and would bow in front of both. "Still need my assistance?" He asked with respectfull tone.

Shaking her head she said, "No. I will tend to my dead now. But be on the lookout for further danger. Whatever was is still out there."

Moonfire would nod and turn around."...Got it...if you need help I will be somewhere in Suna and draw..till then...good bye" With that Silver walked out of Mariko's house.

"Now they can rest..." Yamamoto whispered as he looked at the wolves. "I hope next time...we will see each other in a better...and less sad situation...Good bye" He said before taking his leave. Silently he wonderd if he chose the right words.

Thanking the men for their assistance, Mariko at last shut the door upon the outside world and slumped to the floor behind it. Here in private the outpouring of her grief could finally find its voice.
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