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The Tailed Beast Constitution

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Author Topic: The Tailed Beast Constitution  (Read 150 times)

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« on: December 02, 2015, 05:00:34 pm »

Preamble: In order to establish a set of rules to govern the handling of Shinobilegends' tailed beasts. It outlines the rules, the enforcers of the rules, and methods for changing this code.

Article I: The Rules

Section A: The Tailed Beasts

There are 9 tailed beasts. They are creatures of immense chakras and strengths who value their own freedom above all else. They cannot die permanently and have the ability to freely control their own chakra. These are the tailed beasts of SL in brief:

Hiru - The Zero Tailed Leech. Its nature release is dark release.

Shukaku - The One Tailed Tanuki. Its nature release is a special form of magnet release, granting it the ability to control sand. It has a special curse seal on its body that can be used to bind opponents.

Matabi - The Two Tailed Cat. Its nature release is fire release. It also has sharp claws and teeth, and a body of fire.

Isobu - The Three Tailed Turtle. Its nature releases are wind and water. It has a hard, spiky shell and the ability to grow coral that can affect chakra.

Son Goku - The Four Tailed Monkey. Its nature release is lava (and by extension earth and fire releases) release.

Kokuo - Five Tailed Dolphin Horse. Its nature release is steam (and by extension fire and water releases) release.

Saiken - Six Tailed Slug. Its nature release is water. It secretes a corrosive base from its body.

Chomei - Seven Tailed Horned Beetle. It has no known nature release. It can emit a blinding powder when it uses its wings, and has the ability to fly. Can create special chakra threads to weave a cocoon immune to chakra absorption techniques.

Gyuki - Eight Tailed Giant Ox. It has no known nature release. May spew create and spew ink and use its many tentacle "tails" for defense and offense.

Kurama - Nine Tailed Demon Fox. Its nature releases are fire and wind. It has regenerative capabilities that enhance its durability and the ability to sense negative emotions.

A tail's worth of control, for those hosting  these beasts, is either 2 weeks of RL time or through RP documented on the forum.

Section B: Champions
Champions are the current "holders" of the tailed beasts. They are either hosts or controlling masters of the beasts. They may also be those aiding a host or master in defending the beast in an official fight. There are five basic criteria for being a Champion:

1) Must be active. One public post on the forum at least once every two weeks. Notices in advance of absences may permit a week extension.

2) Have an account on Shinobilegends and on the Shinobilegends Official Forum.

3) Not be currently muted nor banned.

4) Abide by the Tailed Beast Rules.

5) Keep a public record on the forum of all challenges.

Section C: Challengers
These are want to be Champions who are actively challenging for a tailed beast, or are supporting another individual in doing so.

1) Must be active. One public post on the forum at least once every two weeks. Notices in advance of absences may permit a week extension.

2) Have an account on Shinobilegends and on the Shinobilegends Official Forum.

3) Not be currently muted nor banned.

4) Abide by the Tailed Beast Rules.

5) Must have an open challenge in order to be considered a Challenger.

Section D: Mediators
The job of the mediators is to mediate between the Challengers and Champion(s). They are only temporary positions, and are picked by the Challenger and the Champion. A mediator cannot be a party of interest (in other words, have no character involved in the match being ruled on) in the match. There are only two criteria for being a mediator:

1) Must be active enough to make a ruling without dragging on the match. That's a 15 day (2 weeks and a day) activity limit.

2) Have an account the Shinobilegends Official Forum.

Section E: Challenging a Champion
To challenge a Champion, an individual must submit a formal challenge tot he Champion. A post on the Shinobilegends Forum will be sufficient. Any and all attackers who are allied with said individual will be considered Challengers, and thus must fit the criteria for Challengers in order to aide in the fight. This can be done just prior to the beginning of the fight or prior to any interaction at all, but Challengers should bear in mind that it is not an official biju match unless the challenge is issued and accepted.

Section F: Accepting a Challenge
A Champion may only refuse a biju challenge if:

1) The issuer is not eligible or if
2) Any of the participants on the attacking side are not eligible Challengers.
3) They are within their 2 week grace period, granted upon becoming a champion for the 1st time.

 Otherwise he/she is required to accept the challenge. In the reply to the challenge post, the Champion should include any forseeable allies that may come to their add. These allies must be eligible to be Champions on the occassion the original Champion falls but he/she/they are victorious. A Champion canno

Section G: Biju Fight Zoning

The following are strictly forbidden during any biju related events:

1) Harassment
2) Bad-mouthing outside of character interactions and exchanges
3) God-modding without the consent of either the Champion (if modder is Challenger) nor of the Challenger (if modder is Champion). If god-mode is suspected the match should be stopped and a separate thread created for either discussion or a brief presentation of points so that the mediator can determine the appropriate course of action. If a turn passes after the suspected god-mode, then that is considered acceptance of the act.

Guidelines for the conduct of the battle are as follows:

1) All disputes are to be settled by a Mediator. Discussion should only take 2 weeks and must take place outside of the fight thread itself. If the Mediator fails to resolve the dispute or make a decision within 15 days, then a Council Member may step in and make a decision.

2) All hunts/fights must be posted/documented on the forum. The mediator may negotiate the post-start entry of new Challengers or Champions, but they may only enter at the end of a turn cycle. Additionally, no first-turn attacks, counter-attacks, nor defends.

3) The fight is concluded when either all Challengers or all Champions are defeated. The mediator declares a winner in cases where it is unclear or if the fight is ended prematurely due to disagreements. A Council Member may also fill that role.

4) In cases where the beast has no Champion (freshly stripped beast) then all Challengers must fight for the beast battle royale style. The winner recieves the beast. If there are no other Challengers within 15 days of a biju having no Champion, then a lone Challenger is awarded the beast.

Section H: Tailed Beast Transfer
A tailed beast may change hands/be transferred to a player only through the method outlined in Article I Section G. Just OOC gifting is not permitted. Mock fights are encouraged for situations where gifting is necessary for the sake of documentation.

Section I : Jurisdiction
These rules apply to any and all biju fights, be they considered IC or OOC. They do not apply to any who do not acknowledge the tailed beasts or/nor the tailed beast rules. Accordingly, these individual are barred from becoming Champions and from becoming Challengers.

Article II: Biju Council and The Community

Section A: Council
The Biju Council shall consist of 3 individuals elected by The Community (those who accept these biju rules). They shall have executive authority to strip Champions of tailed beasts. In general, they are responsible enforcing the rules, and make decisions via vote. In the strange event of a tie (should one be incapacitated or more members added) the accused is considered not guilty for the time being. Council Members cannot be Champions nor Challengers, though they can be mediators.

Section B: The Community
The Community has the ultimate power through vote. The Community decides to amend, abolish, or otherwise alter the rules. There must be at least 12 total voters for a vote to have executable power. The Community is the pool from which Challengers, Council Members, and Champions are drawn.

Conclusion/Postamble/Postscript: With vigor in our hearts and integrity in our minds, we, The Community, agree to abide by this so that we may work towards a more peaceable and harmonic union, and a better realm.
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