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Inner Beast Transformation

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« on: August 25, 2016, 09:36:39 pm »

Inner Spirit Beast Imitation Transformation – Inspired by the Inuzuka beast imitation technique, the inner spirit beast imitation transformation is a special yang release that utilizes the power of physical energy, and the inner spirit in order to transform the body into an alternate form. The history of the jutsu is fairly short, but the current generational form can be traced a generation or two back (depending on what generation you are a part of) to the Nara and Tatsu Clans.

~ Honey Badger                (Neala Nara)
~ Wind dragon                  (Eric Nara)
~ Polar Bear/Ice dragon      (Robin Nara)
~ Fox                              (Jay Nara and Alcuard Nara)

Acquisition: A yang release of the Nara clan that utilizes a sort of “inner spirit” of the individual Nara based on their family lines. It is a yang release that is first awakened by a special potion made with 20 grams deer antler extract, 980mL of distilled water, and 20mL of the blood of an already “activated” member. The mixture is mixed together and then heated to about 20 degrees Celcius. It is then stirred again, this time adding the life energy of the intended recipient.

There should be approximately 1L of the Inner Spirit Beast Solution. The first 500mL of the solution is to be drunk within a span of 10 minutes, preferably less. The bitter, grainy taste is likely to be an initial deterrent. After that portion is drank, the user should experience a special hibernative sleep induced by the mixture. While in this state, the user will often dream of an empty space that is progressively filled with items and objects from their past, until their inner beast spirit appears. How long this takes varies, from a few hours to a few days.
Upon awaking the recipient should then have an increased awareness of the world around them, the five physical senses temporarily being enhanced. The recipient is provided a substantial amount of food and drink, after which they finish drinking the remainder of the mixture. Over the next few hours, the recipient will take to a fairly high fever, which needs to be kept from reaching over 42 degrees Celcisus, but not be taken below 38 degrees Celcius. Minor adjustments will need to be made for individuals with particularly high or particularly low base body temperatures.
Finally, after this, the recipient will awaken, their body primed and ready for the first usage of the jutsu.

Usage: Activation, after the prerequisite ritual, is fairy straightforward; the user surges life energy throughout the body to begin the catalytic reaction that results in a complete transformation into the animal spirit. This gives them the natural abilities of the animal in question: for example, the natural flight capabilities of a dragon.
Initially, performing other jutsu while in this state will be near impossible; even for natural yang release users, the amount of life energy required to sustain the jutsu will disrupt the general balance of energy in the body, making chakra molding a task. As the user grows more experienced they can begin to control their chakra in this form, but will still not be able to perform jutsu until an extended living period (roughly 6 months straight time) where the recipient’s body will fully acclimate to their new form.

This process can be dramatically sped up if the user becomes capable of using sage mode, is already skilled in Yang release, or meditates while in this form, the latter being the most effective in reducing the time necessary as it brings body and mind into focus. The minimum amount of time, however, seems to be 1 month regardless of the perks invested.

Abilities: The abilities granted vary widely from transformation to transformation and are largely centered around the animal spirit transformation itself, but should the user’s transformation also happen to coincide with the summon beast of choice, then the ease of learning how to connect with nature is greatly lessened to the point where sage mode can more easily be learned. Additionally, the user’s chakra signature changes, which can be useful when attempting to pass off as something else entirely. The user’s 5 base senses generally increase (this can vary between beast spirits), and the usage of other Yang releases related to their animal spirit are possible.

Dragon -  This gives the user the ability to turn into a dragon. They acquire the ability to use the special sticky spit brand of techniques without handsigns. Depending on the type of elemental dragon turned into and environment, there may be either very hard scales or fleshy skin, a large great wingspan or a smaller wingspan, etc. The user is also able to more easily access dragon sage mode as well.

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